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Alabama Country Band Songs 
For The Acoustic

Here on this Alabama Country Band songs page you'll find a collection of demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free chord sheets in pdf. format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

Alabama Country Band Songs - Tutorials

1. Cant Keep A Good Man Down
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

This song hails from the "40 hr Work Week" album from 1984. It was the 3rd single from the album and peaked at #1 on the country charts.

2. Christmas In Dixie
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

Alabama first released this song in 1982 and it was a top 40 hit. Various Christmas albums from the band over the years have included this song, including their latest 2017 Christmas album.

3. Dancin Shaggin On The Blvd
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

This song was co-written by Randy Owen and the band scored a #3 hit with its release.

4. Dixieland Delight
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

Alabama changed this song from the original demo and the single version was over a minute shorter than the album version. This song reached #1 in both Canada and the USA after its release date of Jan 1983.

5. Give Me One More Shot
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

A song from their Greatest Hits Vol III in1995 that Randy Owen co-wrote helped Alabama reach #3 in Canada and the USA country charts.

6. High Cotton
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

Another #1 hit here from back in the summer of 1989 off of the album "Southern Star". The band had multiple top hits from this album.

7. Jukebox In My Mind
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

In 1990 Alabama released their album called "Pass It On Down". This song was a single from that album and the song was a #1 in Canada and the USA.

8. Lady Down On Love
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

This song was a 1983 release and one written by Randy Owen. He got the idea while playing in a nightclub where there were a group of women celebrating the divorce of their lady friend, who wasn't having a great time. Just a small moment in time inspired a #1 country hit song.

9. Love In The First Degree
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

10. Mountain Music
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

11. Old Flame
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

12. Roll On 18 Wheeler
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

13. Song Of The South
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

14. Take A Little Trip
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

15. Take Me Down
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

16. The Closer You Get
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson - Chords And Lyrics

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