Bob Seger Mainstreet Chords
On The Acoustic

On this Bob Seger Mainstreet chords page I'm going to show you the chords for this classic as well as give you a free demo on how I play this one on the acoustic.

There is also a free chord sheet in .pdf to download, lyrics you can copy from the page if you need 'em  and a purchase link to the full instructions tutorial for a few bucks.

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Bob Seger Mainstreet Chords
Demo Lyrics & Pdf

The "Night Moves" album was released in 1976 and Mainstreet is from that album. The song reached #24 in the US and hit #1 in Canada. The street in the song is actually called Ann Street which is just off of Mainstreet in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But I guess that lyric didn't work as well, so Mainstreet was used.

Bob is now is 3 frets lower in the key of B. And of course he sings it on that low end. There is a video on this from 2019 in Columbus OH but don't be fooled however because Bob is playing a C chord to start this off, but all that means is his guitar is tuned down 1 fret. So the C chord is actually a B key.

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No
  • Rhythm = use a down down up down down up and repeat
  • Picking = Yes
  • Chords = D, C, G, Em, Bm, Gbm, A (or Asus4), Am

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Bob Seger Mainsteet Lyrics

I remember standing on the corner at midnight
Trying to get my courage up
There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown
I loved to watch her do her stuff
Through the long lonely nights she filled my sleep
Her body softly swaying to that smokey beat
Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet

In the pool halls, the hustlers and the losers
I used to watch 'em through the glass
Well I'd stand outside at closing time
Just to watch her walk on past
Unlike all the other ladies, she looked so young and sweet
As she made her way alone down that empty street
Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet

And sometimes even now, when I'm feeling lonely and beat
I drift back in time and I find my feet
Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet
Down on Mainstreet

Thanks for stopping by my Bob Seger Mainstreet chords page and I hope you found the info here useful.

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Bob Seger Mainstreet

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