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Welcome here to this Brooks and Dunn songs page where you'll find a collection of Brooks and Dunn top songs you can easily learn on the acoustic guitar. Below are free chord sheets, free demos and some information on strumming techniques while playing Brooks and Dunn songs.

13 Brooks And Dunn Songs
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Believe - Boot Scootin Boogie
Hangin Round The Mistletoe
Heart Letting Go
Lost And Found - My Maria
My Next Broken Heart - Neon Moon
Only In America - Over The Next Hill
Santa's Comin Over To Your House
She Used To Be Mine
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

1. Believe

Believe was released in Oct 2005 and became a #1 in 2006 as well as winning numerous awards.

The song was co-written by Ronnie Dunn and in 2019 they recorded the song once more with Kane Brown in 2019 with it reaching #42 on the charts.

This one was a high sing for me and I had some vocal issues that day but you'll notice here that the rhythm should be down down up down up and repeat. However in this one, my rhythm is not consistent. You can play an up stroke in place of a downstroke and here, I'm doing that often.  No lead in this one but a few riffs here and there.

Most Brooks and Dunn songs don't have this many chords which are A, E/Ab, Gbm, A7, D, Esus, A, Bm, Dbm, Gbm/F, Gbm/E, B7 and a Gmaj7.

Believe Song
Free Believe Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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2. Boot Scootin Boogie

Boot Scootin Boogie was the song that got all of the line dancers out on the floor. 

The original Brooks and Dunn chords for this is an E, A and B7. But it's so darn high that in my version I had to take it down to a D.

The rhythm here is a steady down up down up as you play through the three chords and use a walking bass riff throughout. I'm also in Drop D tuning for this song.

I have a separate page on Boot Scootin Boogie Chords here.

The chords I'm using here are D, A and G. 

Boot Scootin Boogie Song
Free Boot Scootin Boogie Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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3. Hangin Round The Mistletoe

Brooks & Dunn put this song Hangin Round The Mistletoe on their 2002 Christmas album entitled "It Won't Be Christmas Without You". There are many Christmas standards on this album that are not Brooks and Dunn songs. 

This is a fast paced walking bass type of tune and is obviously a seasonal number. This one is in standard tuning and has a picking section in the middle for the guitar. Rhythm wise you'll be playing a down up down up all the way playing the walking bass, which is explained in the full lesson.

Up until the ending, it's only a D, A and an E chord but then you'll need a D7 and Ddim to finish off the song.  

Hangin Round The Mistletoe Song
Free Hangin Round The Mistletoe Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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4. Heart Letting Go

This song Heart Letting Go, is not one of Brooks and Dunn songs but instead is from Ronnie Dunn and has a unique rhythm patten to it from traditional country songs.

The original key here is with a capo on the 3rd making this one a high sing for me, but you can always slide the capo down or off altogether.

The rhythm here is a down up stop up down up stop up and by "stop" I mean drum snare, so if you mute the strings you'll catch the vibe in the rhythm. There is a bit of melody picking in the break.

Played with the D, Bm, G and A chords, you can also hammer-on the D and Bm chords as you'll see in the demo. I have a separate Heart Letting Go Chords page here.

Heart Letting Go Song
Free Heart Letting Go Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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5. Lost And Found

Not saying anything negative about Kix Brooks and his singing ability, but of the five singles released from their 1992 debut album, this one called Lost And Found only peaked at #6 while the other four were all number one hits.

I wonder if Ronnie Dunn ever ribs him about that fact. Kix Brooks co-wrote this song with Don Cook.

This song has two different rhythm patterns happening. As you'll see when the first verse kicks in, it's down down down, pause, down down down and so on as you change chords. In the chorus you could play a root up down up bass up down up or a root down down up bass up down up and repeat.

I have a capo on the 2nd fret with Drop D tuning and playing some riffs throughout the song.

This is one of those three chord Brooks and Dunn songs using D, G and A but has a lot going on.

Lost & Found Song
Free Lost And Found Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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6. My Maria

Back in 1973, Louis (B. W.) Stevenson and Daniel Moore co-wrote My Maria and when it was released, peaked at #9 on the pop charts.  Many years later in 1997, Brooks And Dunn took the song to #1 with their great updated version.

I'm in the original key here of D# with a capo first fret. Singing in this key is much too high for my vocal range, so vocally I'm on the low end all the way and not going into falsetto range like Ronnie Dunn. 

Drop D tuning comes in handy here because of that signature riff as you'll notice in the first few bars of the song and there is some lead work required.

The chords here are D, A and G.

My Maria Song
Free My Maria Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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7. My Next Broken Heart

My Next Broken Heart was the 2nd single from their 1992 debut album and was written by Brooks And Dunn and Don Cook. It was another one of those Brooks and Dunn songs that peaked at #1 on the charts. 

Once more this is a really high sing with my vocal range so hopefully it won't be for you. this one has a steady up and down rhythm pattern to it which allows you to play the walking bass component which carries the vibe.

You can also improvise some lead work in the break section while using the four chords of G, C, D and F.

My Next Broken Heart Song
Free My Next Broken Heart Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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8. Neon Moon

Another #1 from their debut album back in 1992 and written by Ronnie Dunn. Neon Moon also spawned the duo's first music video.

For their 2019 "Reboot" album, they recorded this one again with Kacey Lee Musgraves.

I'm not sure if there is a technical name for this rhythm pattern except to say that it is a constant up and down shuffle that may be a bit taxing on the arm for some. While that is happening, you're playing a few hammer-ons in the verse and playing some bass notes in the chorus.

Even the picking break is a combo of shuffle and slides. How many Brooks and Dunn songs are written in three chords? I'm not sure, but this is one using the G, C and D chord.

Neon Moon Song
Free Neon Moon Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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9. Only In America

Kix Brooks had a hand in co-writing this song Only In America with two other writers and managed another #1 hit when this one hit the airwaves in 2001.

It wasn't meant to be a political song or have any reference to Sept 11th 2001, but it did as time went on.

A radio station switched their format to country and used this song as their opener to the public, showcasing their admiration from the Brooks and Dunn catalog. 

Another high sing for me here and if E isn't high enough, they take it up to an F near the end of the song.

If you want one steady pattern for this use a down down up down up down up and repeat. There are a few spots where the rhythm chops up a bit so watch for that happening. This song leave some room for a bit of improvised picking.

The chords are E, A, Dbm and B until it gets to the end where it becomes an F, A#, Dm and a C.

Only In America Song
Free Only In America Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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10. Over The Next Hill

Johnny Cash uttered this line to his wife June one evening heading into Cheyenne. He and pulled to let June drive and he wrote this song entitled Over The Next Hill.

His country vibe was smoothed out a bit by Brooks and Dunn when they recorded this song.

As you'll see in my demo, you'll be playing a fairly steady up and down shuffle rhythm pattern. There is a place for a melody break around the half way point.

An easy play with the G, C and D chords. You can throw in a D7 if you'd like.

Over The Next Hill Song
Free Over The Next Hill Chords & Lyrics
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11. Santa's Coming Over To Your House

This song was also featured on the Brooks & Dunn 2002 Christmas album entitled "It Won't Be Christmas Without You". 

Santa's Coming Over To Your House was not released as a holiday single. Kix Brooks co-wrote this song with Nashville writer and producer Don Kirby Cook.

This song has a fast paced steady up and down rhythm with a walking bass line all the way through it, along with song lead picking and a few riffs along the way. Brooks and Dunn songs are high songs for my vocal range and in this, they are two frets higher in B in this one.

You'll need A, D , E, Gb and B7 chords in this toe tapper. If you just need lyrics, I have a Santa's Coming Over To Your House lyrics page here.

Santa's Coming Over To Your House Song
Free Santa's Coing Over To Your House Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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12. She Used To Be Mine

Another great tune from the pen of Ronnie Dunn which reached #1 on the charts in both the USA and Canada in 1993.

She Used To Be Mine is played in C and is a vocal stretch for me at least. I'm playing this with a down up down up down down up down up strum or you could use a root up down up al throughout the song. Once more you have a bit of lead in this song.

You'll be playing the Cmaj7, G, Bm, Am and D chords. You can also use a G6 near the end.

She Used To Be Mine Song
Free She Used To Be Mine Chords & Lyrics Sheet
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13. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

In 1995 the duo released their 3rd album called "Waitin On Sundown" and You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone was a single from the album and peaked at #1. It was written by Brooks and Dunn and Don Cook.

I realized that if Kix is singing lead in Brooks and Dunn songs I can follow him, but if Ronnie is singing lead, his vocal range is way above mine.

This is a nice laid back number with a steady root up down up root up down up rhythm and repeat.

There isn't any lead to worry about and it's a G, C, Am and D chord song. You can throw in a G6 transition between Am and C as that is very common.

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Song
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One thing I've discovered and you may also if you're covering one of these Brooks and Dunn songs is that if Ronnie Dunn is singing lead, be prepared for some high vocals. And if it's Kix Brooks, you'll likely be OK if you have a similar vocal range as me.

Thank for dropping by this Brooks and Dunn songs page and with the free content of demos, chord sheets and some rhythm insights, I hope this page was useful.

The Duo Discussing Brooks And Dunn Songs

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