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Cant Get Enough Bad Company & More
On Acoustic Guitar

Welcome to my Cant Get Enough Bad Company page where you'll find free Bad Company chords and lyrics in .pdf download, as well as some free acoustic guitar samples, rhythm tips and full instructional tutorials.

I'm also including Bad Company album covers so you ca see where each song originated.

The lead singer for Bad Company was Paul Rogers who first headed the group "Free" and their great tune "All Right Now". That lesson is included here on this Bad Company page.

cant get enough bad company

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Cant Get Enough Bad Company
Samples, Rhythm Tips, Chords, Tutorials

1. All Right Now

bad company hit single

All Right Now is not a Bad Company song but is from the group known as Free when Paul Rodgers was the front man for that band, but I've included the song here. The song was released twice. First in 1970 from the band Free's album "Fire And Water" where it reached #2 in the UK and #4 in the US.

The later in 1973 the song was re-released and went on the become a top 10 in several countries.

It's played in standard tuning with the three chords A, D and G with some lead required. The rhythm pattern is down strokes with a bit of shuffle rhythm in places.

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2. Bad Company

cant get enough classic rock

Bad Company was a 1974 single from the debut album of the same name.

Of the three singles released from this album only Can't Get Enough charted.

I play this with a capo 1st fret in standard tuning with a down down up down down up down up and eventually down strokes rhythm pattern. There is some lead with the chords Dm, C, G and F.

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3. Can't Get Enough

paul rodgers cant get enough

Can't Get Enough hails from the bands debut album from 1974 and reached #5 on the Billboard charts. Many consider this the groups most popular song.

Guitarist Mick Ralphs played this song with open C tuning.

I use a drop D tuning for my version here with the chords D, C, G and A. Some lead required with a down up down up down up and repeat rhythm pattern or you can play all down strokes.

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4. Feel Like Makin' Love

bad company debut track

Feel Like Makin Love is from the  1975 the album "Straight Shooter" and this was a single from that album. Paul Rodgers wrote this song when he was 19 and with the group "Free" but introduced the song to Bad Company years later.

Mick Ralphs threw in the duh duh part on the guitar which converted the song from a country sounding song to a rock ballad. The song was a top 10 in a few countries. 

I play this one with drop D tuning with a steady shuffle rhythm pattern using the chords D, C, G and B. There is some lead required for this version.

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5. Oh Atlanta

cant get enough 1974 release

Oh Atlanta was written by guitarist Mick Ralphs and hails from the album Desolation Angles and also from the album Stories Told And Untold.

The song was never released as a single.

You can use muted down strokes for the rhythm in this one and some lead is required in standard tuning. The chords needed are G, C7, D, A, Em, G6, Am, F and C.

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6. Ready For Love

mick ralphs guitar riff

Ready For Love is from the bands debut album Bad Company from 1974. Mick Ralphs wrote the song several years earlier and actually recorded it with his previous band Mott The Hoople in 1972 for their album All The Young Dudes. He then brought the song forward to record with Bad Company.

The track was never released as a single but could be heard all over rock radio stations around the world.

Play a down down up down up down up rhythm for the verse and a shuffle pattern as you mover into the chorus in standard tuning. Some lead required with the chords Am, C, D, G, F, G6 ,G/A and a Dm near the end.

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7. Rock Steady

bad company signature song

Rock Steady is a popular track from Bad Company's debut from 1974 entitled Bad Company.

This song was never released as a single.

I play this in standard tuning using the chords C6, D6, C, D, F, G and Am with some lead required. For rhythm play down down down up and repeat with a few down strokes.

Chords & Lyrics


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8. Shooting Star

cant get enough rock anthem

Shooting Star can be found on the bands 2nd album "Straight Shooter" as like Feel Like Makin love, this song was considered a rock balled, which was never released as a single.

Another one played in standard tuning with no lead but a few riffs and hammer on's throughout with the chords A, E, G, D, Gb and B. I'm playing a down down up up down down up and repeat rhythm pattern.

Chords & Lyrics


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9. Silver Blue And Gold

bad company first hit

Blue Silver And Gold is a track on the 1996 album "Stories Told & Untold" but the album produced no singles.

Played with a capo 1st to keep the original key, there is some lead work in places during this number. The chords are Gsus, G, F, C and G6 with a down down up down up down up and repeat rhythm pattern and the pattern changes to a chop pattern in the chorus.

Chords & Lyrics


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Common Questions About Bad Company

1. What was Bad Company's biggest hit?

"Can't Get Enough" was the first big hit for Bad Company, a rock group from England. It came out in 1974 on their first album, which had the same name as the band.

The song quickly became very popular, reaching number 5 on the Billboard charts and even hitting number 1 on another important chart. Many people think it's Bad Company's best-known song.

You can still hear it on radio stations that play classic rock music. Mick Ralphs, the band's guitar player, used a special way of tuning his guitar for this song, which helped give it a unique sound. Even today, "Can't Get Enough" remains one of Bad Company's most loved songs.

2. Who originally sang the song "Bad Company"?

Lead singer Paul Rodgers.

3. Who wrote Can't Get Enough by Bad Company?

Guitarist Mick Ralphs wrote the song Can't Get Enough.

4. Why did Paul Rodgers leave Bad Company?

With 6 platinum albums under their belt by the time 1982 rolled around, Rodgers made the decision to step away from the group and become a family man.

Thanks for stopping by my Cant Get Enough Bad Company page.  I hope the info here was useful in helping you learn song by Bad Company on the acoustic.

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