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Oct 18th, 1926 - Mar 18th, 2017 (aged 90)

Here on this Chuck Berry songs page you'll find a collection of demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free chord sheets in pdf. format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

Chuck Berry Songs - Tutorials

1. Johnny B Goode --- Chords - - Cart

Chuck Berry wrote this song in 1955 and recorded Johnny B Goode back in 1958 and eventually had a #2 hit on Billboard on the R&B sides chart and #8 on the Hot 100 chart. The intro guitar riff he liffed from the 1946 song by Louis Jordan called "Ain't That Just Like A Woman" played by then guitarist Carl Hogan. Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix both recorded the song and even Buck Owens did a country cover back in 1969 and had a #1 hit with his cover.

2. Run Rudolph Run --- Chords - - Cart

Run Rudolph Run was not written by Chuck Berry but he recorded this song in 1958. Others have recorded the song and called it Run Run Rudolph. It it very similar to Little Queenie which was recorded a year later in 1959. Johnny Marks, one of the writers of this song, also wrote Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. On the Holiday Billboard chart, the song peaked at #20. Country artists Justin Moore and Luke Bryan recorded covers of this song.

3. Sweet Little Sixteen --- Chords - - Cart

In January 1958, Chuck Berry wrote and released this song called Sweet Little Sixteen. The song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 but #1 on the R&B best sellers chart. It has the same melody as a song he recorded in 1955 called The Little Girl From Central. The song "Surfin USA" by The Beach Boys from 1963 used this melody for that song. The Beatles covered the song in 1963 and John Lennon covered it in 1975.

4. The Promised Land --- Chords - - Cart

Chuck Berry wrote the lyrics to this song but the melody is patterned after the song Wabash Cannonball. Chuck Berry recorded this song back in 1964 and wrote the lyrics while in prison. In fact he used an Atlas from the prison library to plot out the locations in the song, with Los Angeles as The Promised Land. Elvis recorded the song in Dec 1973 and later in 1974 had a #14 hit. His version was also used in the film Men In Black.

5. You Never Can Tell --- Chords - - Cart

This is another one of those Chuck Berry songs he wrote while in prison in the early 1960's but was recorded for the St Louis To Liverpool album and released the song in Aug of 1964. The song made it into the top 10 on the charts. version have been done by John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen. Emmylou had a #6 hit back in 1977 with her cover.

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