Don Quixote Chords
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Here on this Don Quixote chords page you'll find my acoustic guitar demo, purchase link to the full lesson, the lyrics to the song as well as a free .pdf to the Don Quixote chords sheet you can download.

Don Quixote Chords
Demo Lyrics & Pdf

This was the name of a 1972 Gordon Lightfoot album, which of course included this song, but this song was never released as a single. Alberta Bound and Beautiful were the two singles.

Don Quixote
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Don Quixote Lyrics

Through the woodland through the valley comes a horseman wild and free
Tilting at the windmills passing who can the brave young horseman be
He is wild but he is mellow - He is strong but he is weak
He is cruel but he is gentle - He is wise but he is meek

Reaching for his saddlebag he takes a battered book into his hand
Standing like a prophet bold he shouts across the ocean to the shore - Till he can shout no more

I have come o'er moor and mountain -ike the hawk upon the wing
I was once a shining knight who was the guardian of a king
I have searched the whole world over - Looking for a place to sleep
I have seen the strong survive and I have seen the lean grown weak

See the children of the earth who wake to find the table bare -
See the gentry in the country riding off to take the air .. pause

Reaching for his saddlebag he takes a rusty sword into his hand
Then striking up a knightly pose he shouts across the ocean to the shore - Till he can shout no more

See the jailor with his key who locks away all trace of sin - See the judge upon the bench who tries the case as best he can
See the wise and wicked ones who feed upon life's sacred fire - See the soldier with his gun - Who must be dead to be admired

See the man who tips the needle - See the man who buys and sells- See the man who puts the collar on the ones who dare not tell
See the drunkard in the tavern - Stemming gold to make ends meet - See the youth in ghetto black condemned to life upon the street -pause

Reaching for his saddlebag he takes a tarnished cross into his hand -standing like a preacher now he shouts across the ocean to the shore
Then in a blaze of tangled hooves he gallops off across the dusty plain - In vain to search again - Where no one will hear
Repeat 1st verse.

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