Easy Beginner Country Guitar Songs On The Acoustic
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This easy beginner country guitar songs section is for those visitors who play guitar, or are stating to learn acoustic guitar, and you want to test your chops on some easy songs you can play.

Now keep in mind what I consider easy, you may not agree with me, but 3 chord songs are generally easy songs. Even a 4 chord song here and there isn't a bad challenge so there may be a few showing up in this list as time goes on.

What Are Easy Beginner Country Guitar Songs?

The answer to that question depends on three things in my opinion.

  • How many chords are in the song:
  • How complex are the chords to play:
  • How difficult is the rhythm pattern

As an example, there are songs out there with just 1 chord. And plenty songs with just two chords. And of course hundreds or more with just 3 chords or more.

That country monster smash hit from the 1980's, Achy Breaky Heart for example from Billy Ray Cyrus, has just two chords. The original chords are A chord and E chord. But does that make it easy to play?

Well the rhythm pattern is a standard rock and roll pattern and just moves between the chords. But it can get complicated if you add into your rhythm that main riff that's being played.

Try These Easy Beginner Country Guitar Songs

All of the links below will lead you over to a demo page for each particular song listed. And on that page is:

  • a free pdf chord sheet for download
  • a free video lesson on how I play the song
  • chords to the song and lyrics listed on the page
  • my explanation on how I play the rhythm and some tips
  • purchase links for the full video tutorial lesson

Kirby's Easy Beginner Country Guitar Songs

1. I Saw The Light - (Hank Williams)

2. Down In The Boondocks - (Billy Joe Royal)

3. Waltz Across Texas - (Ernest Tubb)

4. Rose Colored Glassed - (John Conley)

5. Hello Darlin' - (Conway Twitty)

6. Rhinestone Cowboy - (Glen Campbell)

7. Cold Cold Heart - (Hank Williams)

8. Hey What About Me - (Anne Murray)

9. Luckenbach Texas - (Willie Nelson)

10. The Gambler - (Kenny Rogers)

As you'll see, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing easy beginner country songs. Any of these songs that have lead guitar breaks, just skip it for now.

Your main goal should always be good solid rhythm. So with my chord sheet open on one screen and a video demo on another, grab your guitar, tune up and just play rhythm with me. In fact, if I wonder off onto a picking break, you just keep playing rhythm.

If you play rhythm the way I do using bass notes and runs where possible, you'll be miles ahead of many fellow players when it comes to rhythm. Many people are very weak in this area.

Need Some Free Basic Rhythm Lessons?

This link will take you over to 16 free guitar lessons that will teach you how to play chords, strum the chords, do basic runs between the chords, and other what I call basic tips.

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