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ELO Band Songs - Tutorials

1. Can't Get It Out Of My Head
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This song from ELO hails from their 1974 album "Eldorado" and was the record's 2nd single release. Although ELO is a British band, this album and the single failed to chart in the UK but the single reached #9 in the US, bringing recognition to the group.

2. Evil Woman
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In late 1975, ELO recorded their album "Face The Music" and this song was a single from that record. Jeff Lynne said he wrote this one in about 30 minutes and the song was the band's first worldwide hit.

3. Living Thing
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This song was a #1 in South Africa and a top 10 in many countries when it came out in the later part of 1976. The single is from the bands album "A New World Record". In 2006, 30 years after it's release, it was named as the #1 Guilty Pleasure song of all time by Q Magazine (popular in the UK).

4. Rock N Roll Is King
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If you were around in 1983, you'll remember when this song hit the airwaves. Released as a single from the album "Secret Messages", the song was a top 10 in many countries but just missed out on the top spot where it peaked at #2. The song went thru a major revision by Lynne who wasn't happy with the original layout and sound laid down by the band. So after the revision, it was almost an entirely new song and much better accepted as a finished product.

5. Showdown
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This song was ELO's first single release in 1973 and reached #12 in the UK and #9 in Norway. John Lennon apparently liked this album entitled "On The Third Day" and dubbed ELO as the Sons Of Beatles in a US interview.

6. Strange Magic
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I remember hearing this one on the radio in 1976 when was released from the album "Face The Music". It was in the top 20 in the US depending on what chart you look at and when it was released in the UK, the orchestral intro was omitted.

7. Sweet Talkin Woman
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From their 1978 album "Out Of The Blue", this song became a #6 hit in the UK and a #17 in the US. The original title was to be Dead End Street, but changed to Sweet Talkin' Woman at some point in the studio before release. Those three words managed to stay in the 3rd verse of the song.

8. Telephone Line
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In 1977 this song hit #1 in Australia and Canada and reached #8 in the UK and #7 in the US. The single was printed on green vinyl in the US and was the bands first Gold single sales song.

9. Turn To Stone
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Another great song from the double album Out Of The Blue. However in the UK, this song peaked out of the top 10 at #18, unlike the other 3 singles from the album. But in Canada the song went to #1 in 1978, a few months after its release..

10. Wild West Hero
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This songs was a #6 hit in the UK from the "Out Of The Blue" album. Jeff lynne wrote this song in 4 minutes while on holiday. All song writers need to find out where the hell this holiday spot is located.

This ends the ELO band section.

Thanks for stopping by this ELO Band page and I hope you found some useful tunes for acoustic play here.

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