Golden Coins
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Golden Coins Chords And Lyrics By Elvis Presley On The Acoustic

Hello and welcome to this Golden Coins chords and lyrics page featuring a song from the 1965 movie Harum Scarum. Below is a free pdf sheet and some rhythm tips to help you with this song. There are free lyrics here, a movie clip of Elvis and if you need the full lesson, a purchase link for a small fee to the full lesson.

Golden Coins
Chords And Lyrics
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By 1965, Elvis was getting weary of doing movies and recording soundtracks. And from this album for the movie Harum Scarum,  there were no singles and box office sales were way down. A single was released a month after the film debut, but it was from 1957 and barely cracked the top 40.  This time frame was considered the lowest point in the career of Elvis Presley.

I can only image what must have been going thru Elvis's mind when only a few years earlier her was on top and now he was struggling to be relevant.

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = 2nd fret
  • Rhythm = a root down up down up root up down up and repeat
  • Picking = No
  • Chords = Dm, E7, C#6, Am7, F, Cmaj7

Golden Coins Lyrics

Say you're mine, then ask me what you will
All your dreams, my darling I'll fulfill

Golden coins - I will bring to you - Silver trinkets and rubies too
In return dear I'm begging you - For the pleasures of love

I'll bring gifts - like you never saw
Priceless garments that you'll adore
Persian rugs to enhance your floor - For the pleasures of love

Darling - choose anything you please
Rich brocade - or woven tapestries
In exchange - I plead on my knees
For the pleasure of love

Golden coins - I'll place at your feet - Precious jewels to make life complete
All my treasures are yours my sweet -- For the pleasures of love

Not much else to say about Harum Scarum and this Golden Coins chords and lyrics page except that if you found the info helpful, feel free to share with others out on asocial media who may be trying to learn Elvis movie songs on the acoustic.

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Golden Coins - Elvis Presley

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