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The Guess Who Hits 
On The Acoustic

Here on this Guess Who Hits page you'll find a collection of demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free chord sheets in pdf. format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

Guess Who Hits - Tutorials

1. American Woman
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Of all The Guess Who songs, American Woman is probably their most recognizable especially to American audiences. Ithails from the album of the same name which was released as a single in March 1970. The song went to #1 on Billboard and one of many great Guess Who hits from the 1970s. While changing a broken string, Randy Bachman was goofing around and came up with a riff.

Others joined in and started jamming. Burton Cummings made up some lyrics on the spot. A kid with a tape recorder was taping and the band asked for the tape. The lyrics were later revised and Volia!

2. I'm Scared - (Burton Cummings)
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This song hails from the Burton Cummings first solo album of 1076 after leaving The Guess Who where the song peaked at #6 in Canada. Burton Cummings released 8 solo albums between 1975 and 2019.

3. My Own Way To Rock - (Burton Cummings)
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My Own Way To Rock, like I'm Scared above, is not from the archives of The Guess Who music vault. It was from the 2nd Burton Cummings album and this song of the same name was one of three singles from the album. The song did not chart in Canada but did reach #74 on the Billboard 100 in 1977.

4. No Sugar Tonight
Chords - - Cart - Chords & Lyrics

No Sugar Tonight was the B-side of the American Woman single and did reach #1 along with American Woman. That's not very common to have the B-side of a single also hit #1 on the charts.

Randy Bachman got inspiration for the song while in California when he was waling down the street with records under his arm, found himself approaching thre biker looking dudes on the same side of the street. A car pulled over and out jumped a small woman who started ripping a strip off of one of the men for leaving her all day with the kids while he was out watching strippers. As they got into the car she remarked there would be no sugar tonight for him.

5. No Time
Chords - - Cart - Chords And Lyrics

The album Canned Wheat was released in 1969 and this track, No Time, peaked at #1 in Canada and #5 in the US.

6. Share The Land
Chords - - Cart - Chords & Lyrics

The Guess Who released this song, Share The Land, as a single form their album of the same name in 1970. It hit #2 in the US and #10 in the US.

7. Star Baby
Chords - - Cart - Chords & Lyrics

From their 1974 album called "Road Food" come this song written by Burton Cummings called Star Baby. The Guess Who had a #9 in Canada and a #30 in the US on the Cash Box chart. They also performed the song live on Dec 14, 1973 on the show Midnight Special. You can watch that performance from the link below.

8. These Eyes
Chords - - Cart - Chords & Lyrics

This song was a bit of a breakthrough for The Guess Who when it was released in 1969 as the song was the bands first top 10 in the US, peaking at #6 on Billboard. Needless to say this song ended up on The Guess Who Greatest Hits album. Michael Bolton covered These Eyes in 1976.

9. Undun
Chords - - Cart - Chords & Lyrics

Undun was one of The Guess Who songs that started out as a the B-side to the single, Laughing. But DJ's began playing the B-side as much as the A-side which gave the song more exposure than the band expected. It was a #21 in Canada and #22 in the US. Randy Bachman said it was his favourite song form his time in The Guess Who.

Thanks for stopping by my Guess Who Hits page. I hope you found the info you were looking for.

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