How To Order A Lesson?

If you're placing a bulk order of 12-20-50 lessons ... before you check out using the steps below ...

a. copy your order titles in a text file just in case you get a "URI File Too Long Error" ... this is an error from PayPal .. for some strange reason and it doesn't happen to everyone ... your order will freeze and you'll have to start over ... so copy your order just in case.

b. To get around this PayPal error .... email your song titles to or use the Contact page in the menu - I'll invoice you then send you your download links after payment is received.

For everyone else .. follow the steps below.

Ordering 1 lesson or a few lessons

1. Find the lesson from an artist page.

2. Click Add or Add To Cart (this takes you over to Payloadz where videos live)

3. Check out and make payment - then check inbox / junk or spam for link

(If ordering more then 1 lesson see step 4 ... if ordering in bulk see step 5)

4. If ordering more than 1 lesson, scroll down on the Payloadz page and click "Back To Store" and you'll come back here to my site ... find a 2nd lesson and click Add To Cart ... do this until you complete your order with 2-3-4 lessons etc in your cart ... in a few minutes check your .... inbox / junk folder / or spam folder for the Payloadz email.

Ordering bulk lessons of 12-20-50

Same steps as above ... but you need to copy and Apply the discount code in right menu.

5. If ordering in bulk ... put 12 lessons, 20 lessons or 50 lessons in your cart and copy the appropriate discount code from right menu ... paste into the discount box on Payloadz site and click "APPLY" .. price will drop - checkout!

6. Again check inbox / junk or spam folder in your email.

For Those Who Have Asked
How To Donate To This Site

Bulk Lesson Discounts

Use Codes @ Checkout Lessons $3.25ea in USD.

  1. Any 12 = $14.95 (use code 2R246815)
  2. Any 20 = $19.95 (use code 1N882E4D)
  3. Any 50 = $30 (use code B334911R)