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Pricing: $3.25ea | any 10 for $10 (use code "Any10410" at checkout) | $.50ea best deal
Paid Requests for $25ea (comes with any 8 freebies ... so 9 for $25)
100's Of Free Demos & Chord Sheets

How To Order A Lesson?

Ordering 1 lesson or a few lessons

1. Find the lesson from an artist page or link.

2. Click Buy Lesson (this opens a new Payloadz tabe in your browser where my videos are hosted).

3. Check out and make payment - then check your inbox / junk or spam for video download link.

(If ordering more then 1 lesson see step #4 ... if ordering in bulk see step #5)

4. If ordering more than 1 lesson, click on browser tab for my site  ... find a 2nd lesson and click Buy Lesson ... move between the Payloadz Tab and My Site Tab until you complete your order with 2-3-4 lessons etc in your cart .. checkout and make payment ... in a few minutes check your .... inbox / junk folder / or spam folder for the Payloadz email with your download links.

Ordering bulk lessons of 4 or 14

Same steps as above ... but you need to copy and Apply the discount code in right menu.

5. If ordering in bulk ... put 4 lessons, or 14 lessons in your cart and copy the appropriate discount code from right menu ... paste into the discount box on Payloadz site and click "APPLY" .. price will drop - checkout and make payment!

6. Again check inbox / junk or spam folder in your email.

What Is A Paid Request?

Fee is $25US - (for 9 Lessons)

1. Make request via email of a song you've always wanted to learn.

2. I'll look at the song on Youtube - and if it's do-able, I'll let you know.

3. I'll invoice you for $25 ... you make payment and I build the lesson.

4. I'll email the video download link & chord sheet within 24-48 hrs of payment.

5.Email me a list of any 8 lessons you'd like from the site ... and I'll send the download links over to you.

Use The Contact Me Form and put "Paid Request" in Subj Line.

Thanks - Kirby

Why Partial Demos?

Starts at the 5:32 Mark