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I Remember Chords And Lyrics Eddie Cochran Songs On Guitar

Welcome to my page called I Remember chords and lyrics by Eddie Cochran. Below is a partial demo to the song, my free pdf chords and lyrics sheet you can download, and lyrics near the bottom of the page in case you wish to follow along with Eddie singing this one at the bottom of the page. I have a purchase link to the full lesson for a small fee listed here as well.

I Remember
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This song, I Remember, was recorded for a 1959 movie called Go, Johnny Go. This song was eventually cut and did not appear in the movie but the A-side entitled Teenage Heaven, did make it into the film. There is no indication that this song was ever released on either an album or as a single. It was recorded only for the movie and then dropped.

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No
  • Rhythm = down down up down up down down and repeat with a few slides in the rhythm
  • Picking = No but some slide work
  • Chords = C, Am, F, G, C7, Em, Dm, D7

I Remember Lyrics

I keep thinkin', ------------ hopin' - and prayin'
That you - will remember ----------- and come back - to me

When you remember ----------- the happiness - of our past
Do you think - this - heartache will last ------ remember - oh yes

If love's a game - for you can't win
Remember - I lost - losing you

If you find - in time - your love is mine
Come back - I'll be waiting for you

I keep thinkin', ------------ hopin' - and prayin'
That you - will remember ----------- and come back - to me

Many people are unaware of how Eddie Cochran died so in a short overview, he was killed in a car accident in England after finishing a concert with Gene Vincent. The cab driver was going too fast, lost control and Eddie died from brain injury at the young age of 21. This was the guy The Beatles listened to and admired.

I hope the info on this I Remember chords and lyrics page was helpful.

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