Learn These 4 James Taylor Songs
On The Acoustic

Here on my James Taylor songs page you'll find a collection of demo covers you can watch me play for free along with a bunch of free downloadable pdf chord sheets you can use to follow along. I'll also describe the rhythm patterns I'm using in the various songs.

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Fire And Rain
You've Got A Friend
James Taylor songs on the acoustic guitar you can easily learn.

If you wish to purchase a full lesson of these James Taylor Greatest Hits that goes into more detail, that option is under each video.

James Taylor Songs
Demos, Chords & Lyrics

1. Fire And Rain

You will find'll a free lesson here.

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3. You've Got A Friend

You've Got A Friend chords page has more info.

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On this James Taylor Songs page we discussed 15 different songs and many various strumming patterns. As you can see, James Taylor often puts a lot of chords into his compositions, but hopeful my free demos and chord sheet were helpful.

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