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Learn 7 Jerry Jeff Walker Songs
On The Acoustic

Welcome to my Jerry Jeff Walker songs page where you'll find free Jerry Jeff Walker guitar chords and lyrics in a free pdf download, as well as some free acoustic guitar demos on several Jerry Jeff Walker greatest hits.

Jerry Jeff Walker Songs

 Born - March 16, 1942 – Died October 23, 2020 - (age 78)

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Gypsy Songman - I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
Little Bird - Navajo Rug
Night Riders Lament - Pickup Truck Song
What I Like About Texas

This page will expand over time to include more great Jerry Jeff Walker music. As I don't read music, there are no Jerry Jeff Walker tabs on this page but help yourself to the free chord sheets.

Jerry Jeff Walker Songs 
Demos, Chords & Lyrics

  • 1. Gypsy Songman

    • Drop D Tuning = No
    • Capo = 4th fret
    • Rhythm = a steady root down up down up down up and then repeat
    • Picking = Yes
    • Chords = G, C, F and a C7
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    2. I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight

    • Drop D Tuning = No
    • Capo = No
    • Rhythm = a down down up down up, and repeat - also pick the strings on the chords as you move around on this number
    • Picking = Yes
    • Chords = C, G, Am, Em, F, E7 and an Am/G
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    3. Little Bird

    More info on this song over on my Jerry Jeff Walker Little Bird page.

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    4. Navajo Rug

    There is more info on this song over on my Jerry Jeff Walker Navajo Rug page.

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    5. Night Riders Lament

    I have more info over on the Night Riders Lament chords page.

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    6. Pickup Truck Song

    • Drop D Tuning = No
    • Capo = 2nd fret
    • Rhythm = a root down up root up down up
    • Picking = Yes
    • Chords = C, F, G, D7, Am, G6 and an Am/G
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    7. What I Like About Texas

    • Drop D Tuning = No
    • Capo = 4th fret
    • Rhythm = a down up stop up down up stop up and repeats. When I say stop I mean a brief pause where you can play a snare drum beat on the strings
    • Picking = Yes
    • Chords = G, C, D, Bm and an Am
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      You've seen on this Jerry Jeff Walker Songs page you have a variety of songs with no picking and on the other pages a little picking and fast picking.

      I've also discussed the various rhythm patterns, capo position and chords needed along with free demos and chord sheets. If this page was useful and helpful, feel free to share it with the like bottom in the upper right corner. It's greatly appreciated.

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