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Here is the starting point of finding artists on this site from A-Z ... .Not all artists may yet be listed but as I discover which artists I've covered over the past 12 years, they will eventually make it into these directories. .

If you don't see an artist and you know I've covered some of their material, email me and I'll get them added to the appropriate listing. Thanks for your patience 


Artist # Of Tutorials Genre
Kansas 1 Rock
Karen Dalton 1 Folk
Kasey Chambers 1 Country
Katrina And The Waves 1 Pop
Kathy Mattea 8 Country
KD Lang 1 Country
Keb Mo 2 Motown R&B
Keith Carradine 1 Folk
Keith Locke & The Quest 1 Pop
Keith Sykes 2 Country
Keith Urban 12 Country
Keith Whitley 6 Country
Kelly Clarkson 1 Country
Ken Tobias 2 Folk
Kenny Chesney 17 Country
Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina 7 Folk
Kenny Rogers 10 Country
Kid Rock 4 Rock
Kim Larson 1 Rock
Kincade 1 Rock
King Harvest 1 Rock
Kirk Ross 1 Gospel
KISS 4 Rock
Kool And The Gang 2 Motown R&B
Kris Kristofferson 7 Country
KT Oslin 1 Country
Kyle Park 1 Country

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