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Purchase 50 credits (lessons) for $20.00 USD

(all credits must be used by Dec 2024).

  • Since there will be lots of new lessons in 2024, you can spend credits anytime during 2024;
  • Make payment below;
  • Send me an email anytime to claim a few lessons at a time, or all 50 at once;
  • Just include the titles of the song in your email and I'll send you back the download links;
  • Free chord sheets (if I have them) are on the artists page in .pdf format;
  • Use the "Contact Me" form at the top of every page when ready to cash in a few credits;
  • And yes you can order more than 1 package of 50 ... just come back here and make a 2nd purchase

This offer expires 7 Jul 24 ... so you have lots of time.

50 Credits for $20 USD

Consider Gifting A Package To Someone You Know Who Plays Guitar?

(you make the payment then send me their email addy and they can pick titles)