Late In The Evening
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Late In The Evening Chords And Lyrics by Paul Simon

Welcome to my Late In The Evening chords and lyrics song page by Paul Simon where you'll find my partial acoustic guitar demo, purchase link for a full lesson, the lyrics to the song as well as a free .pdf sheet you can download and some rhythm tips.

In 1980 Paul Simon released his "One Trick Pony" album and this song was the lead single. The song reached #6 in the US and was a top 20 in several other countries. Drummer Steve Gadd played with 2 drum sticks in each hand on this track.

Late In The Evening
Chords And Lyrics
Demo, Tips & Pdf

  • Drop D Tuning = Yes
  • Capo = No - original key has capo 3rd fret
  • Rhythm = this one is explained in the lesson due to the bass and horn sections
  • Picking = Yes
  • Chords = D, G, A

Late In The Evening Lyrics

First thing I remember I was lying in my bed
I couldn't have been no more than one or two
And I remember there was a radio - coming from the room next door
And my mother laughed the way some ladies do
When it's late in the evening - and the music's seeping through

The next thing I remember I am walking down the street I'm feeling all right
I'm with my boys, I'm with my troops, yeah
And down along the avenue some guys were shooting pool
And I heard the sound of a cappella groups, yeah
Singing late in the evening - and all the girls out on the stoops, yeah

Then I learned to play some lead guitar I was underage in this funky bar
And I stepped outside to smoke myself a "J"
And when I come back to the room everybody just seemed to move
And I turned my amp up loud and I began to play
And it was late in the evening - and I blew that room away

First thing I remember when you came into my life
I said I'm gonna get that girl no matter what I do
Well, I guess I've been in love before and once or twice I been on the floor
But I never loved no one the way that I love you
And it was late in the evening - and all the music seeping through

Thank you for dropping by my Late In The Evening chords and lyrics page. If you found the information here useful, feel free to share it on social media as it may help other acoustic guitar players who are trying to learn these older classic songs.

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