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List Of Canadian Rock Bands
On The Acoustic

Welcome to my list of Canadian Rock bands page where you'll discover the chord and acoustic demos to many Canadian rock songs on the acoustic guitar.

Help yourself to the free pdf chord sheet downloads where available and check out my acoustic versions from the free demos.

Bulk purchases for full instructional tutorials are available from the right menu bringing down the cost of a lesson to as little as 60 cents each.

American Rock Bands - Australian Rock Bands
British Rock Bands - List Of Canadian Rock Bands
European Rock Bands - Southern Rock Bands

List Of Canadian Rock Bands 
Performers List

I'll be adding to this list often so check back or join my mailing list here for weekly updates.

The missing demos will be available within a few days from today 19 Sep 2020.

From this list of Canadian Rock Bands listed below, I was fortunate to see this first band when I was around 15 years old at the Bridgewater Memorial Hockey Arena in Bridgewater N.S. in the 1970's. The boys had not yet hit the big time (obviously) but I do remember that event well as the place was packed with a few thousand people and the music was awesome.

April Wine
Bad Side Of The Moon
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

I'm On Fire For You Baby
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Just Between You And Me
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Brave Belt
Dunrobin's Gone
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Takin Care Of Business
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
None - - Buy Full Lesson

Fly At Night
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Mama Let Him Play
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Jeff Healy Band
Angel Eyes
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Lovin Every Minute Of It
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Lowest Of The Low
Rosy And Grey
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

In case you're wondering why Neil Young isn't on this list of Canadian Rock Bands is because I have Neil Young listed as a folk artist but he would easily fit into this category with Crazy Horse so I'll add a link over to his yet unfinished page.
Neil Young And Crazy Horse

Our Lady Peace
Are You Sad
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Red Rider (Tom Cochran)
Avenue A
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Big League
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

I Wish You Well
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

What Do You Gotta Do To Get Off Tonight
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Born To Be Wild
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Some people may be wondering why an American Rock band is on this list of Canadian Rock Bands page. Well Steppenwolf was founded in LA by re-forming the original band called The Sparrows, which was a Canadian band. So in the beginning, Steppenwolf was actually Canadian and over time two American musicians joined the group, so this band, like "The Band" below, will end up on both nations pages.

Magic Carpet Ride
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

The Band

The Guess Who

The Stampeders

The Tragically Hip
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Boots Or Hearts
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Looking For A Place To Happen
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

We'll Go Too
Chords - - Buy Full Lesson

Santa Maria
None - - Buy Full Lesson

Thanks for stopping by this list of Canadian Rock bands guitar page. I hope you found what you were looking for. 

Canadian Rock History

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