Magnolia Wind
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Magnolia Wind Chords And Lyrics by John Prine

Welcome to my Magnolia Wind chords and lyrics song page by John Prine where you'll find my partial acoustic guitar demo, purchase link for a full lesson, the lyrics to the song as well as a free .pdf sheet you can download and some rhythm tips.

This song was written by Shawn Camp and Guy Clark. In 2011, a tribute album was put together for Guy Clark and John Prine and Emmylou Harris recorded this song as part of that tribute album. Guy Clarks version of this song can be found in his album of 2002 called "The Dark".

Magnolia Wind
Chords And Lyrics
Demo, Tips & Pdf

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = 1st fret
  • Rhythm = a root down up down up bass down up down up pattern
  • Picking = Yes
  • Chords = C, G, F and an A#

Magnolia Wind Lyrics

I'd rather sleep in a box - like a bum on the street
Than a fine feather bed - without your little ol' cold feet
And I'd rather be deaf- dumb and stone blind
Than to know that your mornings - will never be mine
And I'd rather die young - than to live without you
I'd rather go hungry - than eat lonesome stew
You know it's once in a lifetime - and it won't come again
It's here and it's gone - on a magnolia wind

I'd rather not walk - through the garden again
If I can't catch your scent - on a magnolia wind

If it ever comes time - that it comes time to go
Pack up your fiddle - Sis' pack up your bow
If I can't dance with you - then I won't dance at all
I'll just sit this one out - with my back to the wall
I'd rather not hear - pretty music again
If I can't hear your voice - on a magnolia wind

If I can't catch your scent - on a magnolia wind

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Magnolia Wind - With Emmylou Harris

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