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Marguerita Chords And Lyrics for Elvis Presley songs on the acoustic

Thanks for dropping into the Margaritas on Elvis Presley chords and lyrics page featuring the song Marguerita by Elvis Presley from the movie Fun In Acapulco. Below is a free pdf chord sheet, a demo of me playing this one, lyrics to the song, an Elvis movie clip and some rhythm tips.

Margaritas On Elvis Presley
Chords And Lyrics
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This song hails from the movie Fun In Acapulco released in Dec of 1963. This song also made it onto the 1995 box set release of "Command Performance: The Essentials 60s Masters II". This isn't much information about this song except to say that it did make it into the movie as you'll see from the clip below.

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No
  • Rhythm = root down up down up .. and some quick shuffles as you'll see in the demo
  • Picking = No
  • Chords = G, Gm, F, D, D#, Cm, Dm, A#, C, A7

Margueritas on Elvis Presley Lyrics

Who makes my heart beat like thunder? - Who makes my temperature rise?
Who makes me tremble with wonderful rapture
With one burning glance in her eyes
Marguerita...ahahahah - ahahahah

Once I was free as a gypsy - a creature too wild to tame
Then suddenly I saw Marguerita - and I was caught like a moth in the flame her name ----- Marguerita...ahahahah

Her lips have made me her prisoner - a slave to her every command
She captivates me - and intoxicates me - With one little touch of her hand

Sweet sweet Marguerita...umm umm umm umm ... ahhhhhhh

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