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Monday Morning By Fleetwood Mac 
& Other Hits
On The Acoustic

Here on this Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac page are a few numbers you can easily learn on the acoustic guitar. Watch my free sample video and a few demos and download the free pdf chord sheets.

If you need additional help, there are full lesson tutorials available for a small fee and even deeper discounts with bulk purchases (see side menu).

Monday Morning By Fleetwood Mac

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 Monday Morning By Fleetwood Mac & Other Hits
Lyrics, Chords, Demos, Tutorials

1. As Long As You Follow

as long as you follow

As Long As You Follow was one of two new songs added to the bands 1988 Greatest Hits album.

The song reached #66 in the UK and #43 in the US. Christine McVie co-wrote this with her then husband Eddy Quintela and sang lead on this song.

Chords & Lyrics


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2. Big Love ... here!

3. I Don't Want To Know

i dont want to know

I Don't Want To Know is a track from the famous 1977 album Rumors. Stevie Nick wrote this song before Fleetwood Mac formed and while she was away from the studio, they recorded the song without her with Lindsay Buckingham doing lead and vocals. But ten the song Silver Springs was pulled from the Rumors album and replaced with this one, Nicks was angry at first about doing the lead vocals. Eventually she came around.

Four singles came from this album but this song was not one of them. The Goo Goo Dolls also covered this song.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down up down up
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: A, E, D

Chords & Lyrics


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4. Leather & Lace

fleetwood mac best songs

Leather & Lace was written by Stevie Nicks for Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter's duet album but the song never made it there.

So she called on Don Henley from The Eagles and she put it on her 1981 album Bella Donna. The song reached #6 in the US. 

  • Drop D Tuning: Yes
  • Capo: 2nd fret
  • Rhythm: root down up down up down up  and repeat
  • Picking: No
  • Chords: D, D/C, D/B, D/A, G, D/Gb, A7sus, A7, G

Chords & Lyrics


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5. Monday Morning

monday morning fleetwood mac

Monday Morning came from the bands "White Album a.k.a. Fleetwood Mac".

A great song but was never a single. It did appear on the 2002 album "The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac".

Download the free Fleetwood Mac Monday Morning lyrics below.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down down and then a steady shuffle and then some downstrokes
  • Picking: a little blended in the rhythm
  • Chords: C, F, G

Chords & Lyrics


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6. Need Your Love So Bad

songs by fleetwood mac

Need Your Love So Bad is an old blues song from 1955 by Little Willie John.

Fleetwood Mac released this as a single in 1968 from the "Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac" as he was the guitarist at the time.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: could use all downstrokes or combine it like down down up down down ad repeat
  • Picking: a little for the intro and outtro
  • Chords:  A, A7, D, Cdim, Gbm, Bm, E, D7, E7, B7

Chords & Lyrics


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6. Never Going Back Again

lead singer in fleetwood mac

Never Going Back Again appeared on the 1975 blockbuster album "Rumours". This song appeared as a B-side on several singles including Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun and Dreams.

The song was covered by Matchbox 20, Colin Reid and appeared in a Bank Of America commercial.

  • Drop D Tuning: Yes
  • Capo: 4th fret
  • Rhythm: root down root down up ... and some steady shuffles because of the riffs
  • Picking: Yes into the rhythm
  • Chords: D, A, Bm, Gbm

Chords & Lyrics


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8. Rhiannon

rhiannon by fleetwood mac

Rhiannon hails from the 1976 album entitled "Fleetwood Mac" which is the same name they used for an album in 1968.

This song reached #4 in Canada, #11 in the US and #46 in the UK. Download the free Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon lyrics below.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down up down up and some downstrokes
  • Picking: a few riffs and a few more in the rhythm
  • Chords: Am, F, C

Chords & Lyrics


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9. You Make Lovin Fun

songs by fleetwood mac list

You Make Lovin Fun was the last single from the 1977 Rumours album and reached #7 in Canada and #9 in the US. The lead vocalist was Christine McVie who recently passed in late 2022.

This song was inspired by an affair McVie has with the bands lighting director. She told fellow band mate and husband John the song was about her dog.

The song was dropped in 1997 after she retired from touring but when she re-joined the group for a 2014-2015 tour, they brought the song back.

Chords & Lyrics


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Thanks for stopping by my Monday Morning Fleetwood Mac page and I hope you found some of the info here useful. I'll be adding several more lessons to this page as I currently have a total of 20, so if you're looking for a specific lesson before I get it posted to this page, contact me.

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