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One Chords And Lyrics By Damien Rice On The Acoustic

Welcome to my One chords and lyrics page you'll find my free pdf below, a partial acoustic demo, song lyrics, a clip of Damien Rice, some rhythm tips and a purchase link for the full tutorial lesson.

Chords And Lyrics

Demo Tips & Pdf

This song written by Bobo was first released as an AIDS benefit song back in 1992. In 2005 Mary J Blige covered the song with U2 for her album "Breahthrough". In 2011 Damien Rice covered the song as part of his tribute album to U2 called AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No
  • Rhythm = this one has a bit of arpeggio with a 1-2-3 followed by an up down up strum  and repeat as you change through the chords
  • Picking = No
  • Chords =  Am, D/Gb, Fmaj7, G 

One Lyrics

Is it getting better - or do I feel the same
Will it make it easier on me now - I've got someone to blame - you say

One love - one life - when it's one need - in the night
One love - we get to share it - leaves me baby if I - don't care for it

Did I disappoint you - or leave a bad taste in my mouth
I act like I'd never had love - I want you to go without
But it's too late - tonight - to drag the past out - into the light
We're one but we're not the same - we get to carry each other - carry each other one

I come here for forgiveness - have I come to raise the dead
Have I come here to play Jesus - to the lepers in my head
Did I ask too much - more than a lot - I gave you nothing now - it's all I got
We're one - but we're not the same - will we hurt each other - then we do it again

You say - Love is a temple - Love a higher law
Love is a temple - Love the higher law
I asked you to enter - but then I made you crawl - you can't be holding on
To what I've got - when all I've got is hurt

One love - One blood - One life - Ive got to do what you should
One life - with each other - Sisters - Brothers
One life - but we're not the same - we get - to carry each other - carry each other

Thanks for stopping by my One chords and lyrics page. I hope the info here was useful and if it was feel free to share it on social media.

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