Phil Collins Songs For The Acoustic

Here you'll find 4 Phil Collins songs available for the acoustic player. View my acoustic demos as well and if you'd like to purchase any full lesson video, that option is here also and grab the free chord sheets in .pdf format.

Four Phil Collins Songs - Tutorials

Phil Collins released Another Day In Paradise from the album "But Seriously" in late 1989. It was a monster #1 hit in several countries. Oddly enough it was his last #1 in the US. The album also won Collins a Grammy Award in 1991.

Another Day In Paradise Groovy Kind Of Love
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Groovy Kind Of Love appeared in the 1988 film Buster in which Collins starred in and the song was a hit in several countries. The demo Collins had laid down for fellow musician Stephen Bishop to record was actually used in the movie. This was his last #1 in the UK and his only song to hit #1 in both the US and the UK. at the same time. 

In Jan 1981 Phil Collins embarked on a solo career after leaving the rock band Genesis and this song, In The Air Tonight, was his very first single. It was a #1 hit in 5 countries and a top 3 in several others. Not a bad start to a solo career if I do say so myself.

In The Air Tonight You Can't Hurry Love
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In 1966 The Supremes recorded You Can't Hurry Love. Phil Collins decided to cover the song in 1982 and had his first #1 in the UK for his efforts. It was also #1 in Ireland, Belguim, The Netherlands, and Canada. In the US the song peaked at #10.

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