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Here on this Stevie Ray Vaughan songs page you'll find a collection of demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free chord sheets in .pdf format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

4 Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs - Tutorials

1. Cold Shot --- None - - Cart

In 1984 SRV released the album "Couldn't Stand The Weather" and from that album came the single Cold Shot. The song peaked at #29 on the Mainstream Rock Charts. Stevie used the same guitar in this video as well as in the Couldn't Stand The weather music video. Stevie used to like messing around with effects and on the Cold Shot track you can hear the warbling chorus effect.

2. Life By The Drop --- None - - Cart

"The Sky Is Falling" album was released in 1991, 14 months after SRV's death. His brother Jimmy compiled the songs from previous recordings that were un-released with the exception of one song on the record. Life By The Drop is on this record but the song was never released as a single. This record peaked at #10 and was Stevie Ray Vaughan's highest charting album.

3. Pride And Joy --- Chords - - Cart

"Texas Flood" was the debut album from Stevie Ray Vaughan back in 1983 and featured this song Pride And Joy. The song was released as a single and peaked at #20 on the Mainstream Roc chart in the USA. The song has also been covered by Bonnie Raitt and Charlie Daniels.

4. The House Is A Rockin --- Chords - - Cart

In 1989 SRV recored his last album with his band Double Trouble which was called "In Step". This song, The House Is A Rockin peaked at #14 on the Mainstream US Rock Charts. SRV went on to record one last album with his brother Jimmy before he was killed in a helicopter crash in East Troy Wisconsin on Aug 27th 1990. After a late night all star jam session, SRV departed at 12:50am in a helicopter in foggy conditions with 4 other people bound for Chicago. The pilot plowed into a nearby ski hill and all 5 were killed instantly.

The pilot was trained on aircraft instruments but not on helicopter instruments. No drugs or alcohol were found in any of the 5 victims.

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