Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

Here is a 2 part special offer I'm having beginning right now as you're reading this and it will end 6pm EST on Monday Dec 2nd, 2019.


Discount #1 --- Under normal circumstances my paid request offer here on the site is for you to request your fav song you'd like to learn on the acoustic. I take a look on youtube and give it a listen ... if I feel I can do a good acoustic lesson, I'll tell you so ... invoice you for $25USD ... you make payment .. I build the chord sheet and video lesson and send those over to you within 24-48hrs ... then you send me an email with 8 other tutorials you'd like from the site and I send you the download links. Essentially 9 lessons for $25.

This first offer will be 2 paid request lessons (vice the 1), and any 12 freebies (vice the 8) for the same price of $25. Same process as above, except I'll be working twice as hard ... lol


Discount #2 --- For those who engage in taking advantage of my "bulk purchases" you know that for:

Any 12 selections you pay $14.95 ... & receive any 2 freebies .... this offer will up it to 4 Any 20 selections you pay $19.95 ... & receive any 3 freebies ... this offer will up it to 6 Any 50 selections you pay $30.00 .. & receive any 8 freebies .. this offer will up it to 16

Remember to copy the discount code in the right menu ... paste it into the discount box over on the Payloadz site and click Apply so the price drops .. then check out.

But don't try and claim your freebies at checkout ... I'll see your order ... simply send me an email with the freebie tutorials you desire and I'll get the download links over to you when I see the request (keep in mind we may be in different time zones). 

Safe weekend everyone!


1. Why did they let the turkey join the band? Because he had the drumsticks 
2. Why can't you take a turkey to church? They use FOWL language. 
3. What do you call an evil turkey? Poultry-Geist 
4. In what country is Thanksgiving ironically not celebrated? Turkey. 

5. One turkey says to the other "Do you believe in life after Thanksgiving?" 

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