The Cowboy Christmas Ball Chords On The Acoustic

Here on The Cowboy Christmas Ball chords page you'll find my acoustic guitar demo, purchase link to the full lesson, the lyrics to the song as well as a free .pdf to The Cowboy Christmas Ball Chords sheet you can download.

The Cowboy Christmas Ball Chords
Demo Lyrics & Pdf

In 1991 Michael Martin Murphy released his Christmas Album entitled "Cowboys Christmas" and this track was on that alum. Michael Martin Murphy has released over 40 singles during his recording career but this song wasn't one of them.

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Michael Martin Murphy
The Cowboy Christmas Ball
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The Cowboy Christmas Ball Lyrics

Way out in West Texas, where the Clear Fort waters flow
Where the cattle are a-browzin an' the Spanish ponies grow
Where the northerners "come a-whistlin - an the old dust devils roll
And the prairie dogs are sneezing - and freezing from the cold
Where the lonesome tawny prairies melt into the airy streams
And the double mountains slumber - in a heavenly kinda dreams
Where the Antelope are grazing and the lonesome plovers call
It was there that I attended The Cowboys Christmas Ball

The music was a fiddle - and a lively tamborine
And a big bass violin imported by a stage from Abeline
Now the room was togged out gorgeous - with mistletoe and shawls
And the candles flickered frescos - all around them marry walls
The women folks looked lonely and the boys looked kinda treed
Til their leader commenced yelling hey boys let's all stampede
And the music started sighing an' a-wailing through the hall
As a kind of introduction to The Cowboys' Christmas Ball

The leader was a feller - that come from Swenson’s Ranch
They called Windy Bill - from little Dead Man’s Branch
When he commenced to holler - now fellers stake yer pen
Lock horns with all them heifers - and wrestle em just like men
Salute them lovely critters - now swingin and let em go
And climb the grapevine round and round now hands all do-see-doh
You mavericks join the roundup - just skip the waterfall
Boy it was getting active at The Cowboy Christmas Ball

The boys were tolerable skittish - and the ladies powerful neat
That old bass viol's music made us jump in with both feet
That wailing frisky fiddle - I never will forget
And Windy Bill kept a-singing - And I believe I hear him yet
O Yes boys chase them squirrels an cut 'em to the side
Doc Hollis to the center - with Cross P. Charley's bride
Around you little kittens - now rope and balance all
Hey it was gettin happy at the Cowboy Christmas Ball

The dust rose fast an' furious - and we all just galloped 'round
Till the scenery got so giddy - that Zee Bar Dick went down
We buckled to our partners an told 'em to hold on
And shook our hoofs like lightening - until the early dawn
Don't tell me 'bout cotillions - or Polkas No sir-ree
That whirl in Anson City - it takes the cake for me
Oh Bill I won’t forget you and I often will recall
That lively gaited sworay - called The Cowboy Christmas Ball
Oh No I won’t forget it - The Cowboy Christmas Ball

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