The Dubliners Band Songs
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The Dubliners Band Songs On The Acoustic Guitar

Here on The Dubliners band songs page you'll find a few demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free Dubliners chords sheets in pdf. format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

The Dubliners Band Songs - Tutorials

1. Champions At Keeping Them Rolling
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This song appears on a 3 disc set released in 2003 from The Dubliners, but info on the song itself is scarce.

2. Cod Liver Oil
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A Newfoundlander by the name of Johnny Burke wrote this song sometime during his life from 1851-1930. Newfoundlanders used to drink this stuff as a type of medicine. The Dubliners and Great Big Sea recorded this one.

3. Seven Drunken Nights
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This song was a #1 in Ireland and a #7 in the UK back in 1967 when The Dubliners released their version. The hails back to the 1700's from Scotland originally.

Technically there are seven verses to this song but on the single release, these last two verses would not have received any airplay. They are as follows ... They are : "As I went home on Saturday night as drunk as drunk could be, I saw two hands upon her breasts where my old hands should be, well I called me wife and said to her will you kindly tell to me, who owns them hands upon your breasts where my old hands should be

ah you're drunk you're drunk you silly old fool and still you cannot see, That's a lovely nightgown me mother sent to me, Well it's many a day I travelled, a hundred miles or more, but fingers on a night gown sure I never saw before".

Sunday night has "a thing in her thing where my old thing should be" which the wife claims is a "tin whistle me mother sent to me" and it finishes "but hair on a tin whistle sure I never saw before".

4. The Foggy Dew
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There are several songs with this name, but this particular song is making reference to the April 1916 Irish republican uprising against Irish soldiers fighting for the British instead of for an independent Ireland.

Canon Charles O’Neill was a priest from Portglenone, County Antrim (1887–1963) and wrote this song sometime after the first world war. He reflected that it would have been better for the 200,000 plus Irishmen who fought for Britain to instead, have stayed home and fought for Irish independence.

Thanks for stopping by The Dubliners Band songs page. As you can see I only have a few songs here by The Dubliners Irish band but it's a big website with lots of artists here but over time more Dubliners guitar chords demos, sheets and videos will be added.

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