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The Everly Brothers Songs - Tutorials

1. All I Have To Do Is Dream --- Chords - - Cart

The Everly Brothers released All I Have To Do Is Dream in the spring of 1958. Chet Atkins payed guitar on this track. This song was the only single ever to be on all of the Billboard Charts at the same time. The song made it into several films and as a 2019 TV commercial for Walmart. Donny Osmond, Bobbie Gentry and R.E.M. have all covered the song.

2. Bird Dog --- Chords - - Cart

In July of 1958 Bird Dog hit the airwaves and in a short time peaked at #1 for The Everly Brothers in Canada, Australia, UK and the US and on several charts in the US. The Newbeats covered the song in 1966 and in 1978 The Bellamy Brothers covered the song.

3. Bye Bye Love --- Chords - - Cart

Bye Bye Love was released in 1957 and peaked at #1 on the Cash Box chart in the US. When Paul McCartney sang his first song on stage with brother Mike it was this song. The beginning of the song was added by Don Everly and Chet Atkins played that part on the recording. Simon & Garfunkel and George Harrison both covered this song.

4. Cathy's Clown --- Chords - - Cart

In 1960 Cathy's Clown was released with Warner Brothers who picked up The Everly Brothers songs from Sun Records. The song was a #1 hit on a few charts and peaked at #1 in the UK. The Beatles used the song to arrange Please Please Me in the same style, which was their first US single. Reba McEntire covered the song in 1989 and also had a #1 on the country chart.

5. Claudette --- Chords - - Cart

Claudette was a song written by Roy Orbison and one he himself recorded. Orbison wrote the song one day while driving Elvis Presley's purple cadillac. Roy was going to pick up a date for Elvis and wrote Claudette, about a 16 yr old girl he was dating at the time. He married her in 1957. The Everly Brothers used this song as a B-side to All I Have To Do Is Dream. Orbison left Sun Records when this happened and signed with the Everly Brothers songs publisher Acuff-Rose Music.

6. Like Strangers --- Chords - - Cart

In Feb 1960 Like Strangers was released and peaked at #22 for The Everly Brothers in the US and at #11 in the UK. Gail Davies took the song to #17 in 1980.

7. Wake Up Little Suzie --- Chords - - Cart

In 1957 Wake Up Little Suzie was released and peaked at #1 on several US charts. Officials in Boston were not opposed to The Everly Brothers songs in general, but they apparently banned the song because it was "too suggestive". My how times have changed. George W Bush told Oprah this was his favourite song. Simon & Garfunkel had their last hit at #27 with their cover of this song in 1981.

8. Walk Right Back --- Chords - - Cart

Sonny Curtis was a musician and friend of The Crickets back in 1957. He earned a 3 day pass off his army base and went down to see The Crickets in Hollywood. The Everly Brothers were there taking acting classes and met Sonny, who was encouraged to sing this song. He only had 1 verse written. Don and Phil sang a harmony version and then recorded Walk Right Back before Sonny wrote a second verse. They had a #7 hit in the US and a #1 hit in the UK ... with a one verse song.

9. Why Worry --- Chords - - Cart

Why Worry was written and recorded by Mark Knoffler of Dire Straits. The Everly Brothers recorded this song but it was never released as a single.

Mark Knoffler - Chet Atkins - The Everly Brothering performing Why Worry

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