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Many people may not know this but The Stampeders rock band initially consisted of 6 members way back in 1965. They formed in Calgary Alberta but relocated to Toronto and in 1971 things began to happen. They had released three singles in 1967, 1968 and 1969 but failed to break into the top 20 in Canada.

Sweet City Woman in 1971 was the bands first #1 hit song. It was a 5 year lull of sorts playing and touring the US and Canada until they hooked up with a famous US DJ by the name of Wolfman Jack.

The recording of Hit The Road Jack, a Percy Mayfield composition that Ray Charles took to #1 back in 1961, gave the band their next big song. It peaked at #6 in Canada and #40 in the US.

The band did break up in 1977 and reformed again in 1992 and have been playing at fair, theatres, concert halls and festivals across Canada since that time.

1. Carry Me
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This song was from the band's 1971 album "Against The Grain" and Carry Me was a single released in Jan 1971, a few months earlier than Sweet City Woman. This was a #2 or a #1 in Canada depending on which chart you reference. The song did not chart in any other country.

2. Devil You
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In 1972 The Stampeders released their album "Carrying On" with four singles. The song "Wild Eyes" peaked at #2 while this one "Devil You" reached #8 in Canada.

3. Minstrel Gypsy
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In 1973 the album "Rubes, Dudes and Rowdies" was released and spawned three singles. This was the highest charting single reaching #6 while "Oh My Lady" peaked at #12.

4. Sweet City Woman
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This was the bands first big song when it hit #1 on the charts in Canada and #8 in the US in 1971. They won several Canadian Juno Awards that year and they signed with Polydor which meant distribution of their music into the US market.

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