Top 1950s Songs On The Acoustic

On this top 1950s songs page you'll find a list of some great artists that I cover on the acoustic guitar. Help yourself to the free pdf chord sheet downloads where available and check out my acoustic versions from the free demos.

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Top 1950s Songs By Artist

As you'll soon discover, there were many great songs from the 1950s, and here below is just a taste of some of the great music from this era.

This list of top 1950s songs will grow over time and I'll be doing my best to give you my interpretation of these classics for the acoustic. Many of these songs with heavy lead are done on an electric, but in some instances, with some modification, they can be adapted to the acoustic guitar.

Bill Haley & The Comets
Rock Around The Clock
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Buddy Holly

Carl Perkins
Everybody Wants To Be My Baby
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Chuck Berry

Eddie Cochran
I Remember
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Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie
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Twenty Flight Rock
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Elvis Presley

Fats Domino
Blueberry Hill
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I'm Walkin
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Jerry Lee Lewis
I Just Dropped In
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Whole Lotta Shakin
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Ray Charles
Rainy Night In Georgia
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Seven Spanish Angels
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What I'd Say
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You Don't Know Me
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Ricky Nelson
Don't Leave Me This Way
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Dream Lover
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Garden Party
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Mary Lou
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Travelin Man
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Ritchie Valens
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Let's Go
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Shakin Stevens
Green Door
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The Crows
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The Everly Brothers

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