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This site (formerly known as "kirbyscovers.com"  which you can still use to redirect you here) ... is currently under-going some look and feel changes but is fully operational during this transition.

Due to the large amount of content on the site (currently over 600 pages), you may find it handy to use the latest 1-page A-Z Directory for finding various artists. If you're looking for a "The" band such as "The Doobie Brothers" you'll find them under the letter "T" not the letter "D".

At the same time this site is being overhauled, so is my Youtube Channel "kirbyscovers" ... so I'm working in 2 places at once.

Site Freebies

1. If you're new at guitar or a bit weak in your rhythm, I have 16 free guitar lessons in the free section or click here.

2. If you're looking for free chord sheets with lyrics and my chords I use, help yourself to the free downloads in .pdf format. I'm not exactly how many sheets I have but there are over 3000 tutorials here, and I'd say at least 60% have free chord sheets. Because chord sheets were not part of the original site design, I don't have sheets for all but a Google Search will give you lots of resourses.

3. If you're thinking about a purchasing a single lesson or a few or a bulk order as listed in the right menu, have a look at the 50 free tutorial lessons first ... to see if you can follow my methods as I assume you already can play guitar a bit. Again these are in the free section area or click here.

1 Free Tutorial For Every 6 Lessons Ordered
8 Free Tutorials For 1 Paid Requests

Some folks have decided not to claim any free lessons at all ... and that's OK. But the burden to claim freebies is on you by a simple email thru the Contact Page here and give me the titles of the songs you'd like. I don'r need a speadsheet or anything fancy ... save yourself time and simply email me the freebies you'd like. A $25 Paid Request earns you any 8 free tutorials of your choice. 

You Cannot Download Your Purchase Directly Into An IPhone, IPad or Tablet

If you're an Iphone or Ipad user ... you can't download my lessons into your devices. You have to download the files onto a laptop or desktop first .. then use ITunes to sync the files into your devices (search youtube on how to do this) ... tip - you can always get a free dropbox account .. load your lessons there ... then view from the device.

You can place an order on the device, but when you receive the download link via email, don't try and download into the device. It may work for a few hrs, but what you're doing is streaming the video ... and since Payloadz is not a streaming service, they will cut your link.

If You Don't Receive Your Order Via Email - Do This!

If you purchase a lesson, within a few minutes or certainly within an hr, you should see your download link --- if it's not in the inbox, check your spam or junk folders. DO NOT WAIT A WEEK OR A MONTH TO CONTACT ME. No need to file a "dispute" at PayPal either. I can resend any links ... I may be asleep if you're in a different Time Zone ... but after doing this for 12 years ... trust me, I can fix the issue.

Before ordering any bulk discount order ... see the note in the side menu.

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How To Donate To This Site


Many video demos have become unavailable due to Youtube issues ... they are now slowly re-appearing once again ... thanks for your patience - Kirby

Bulk Lesson Discounts

Use Codes @ Checkout Lessons $3.25ea in USD.

  1. Any 12 = $14.95 (use code 2R246815)
  2. Any 20 = $19.95 (use code 1N882E4D)
  3. Any 50 = $30 (use code B334911R)

a: - Make a copy of your order before you attempt to checkout in case PayPal has an issue accepting payment.
b: - Some people (but not all) are getting "invalid discount code" or "URI Fille Too Long" alerts.
c: - If this happens email me your order and I'll invoice you - this is the workaround and solves this issue.
d: DO NOT TRY AND DOWNLOAD YOUR PURCHASE DIRECTLY INTO A TABLET OR IPHONE - You have to sync the video purchase from a laptop or desktop into the device. Thanks.

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