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Welcome To Kirbys Guitar Lessons

This site has tutorials for over 1000 artists ... amounting to over 3000 tutorials. You may find it handy to check the A-Z Artists directory first to get an overview.

Note: There are many demos "unavailable" at the moment but that is slowly being resolved as each day more demos are being added. Thanks for your patience.

Help yourself to 100's of free chord sheets, tutorial demos and the 16 free guitar lessons videos if you're new to playing guitar.

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Show The Way - David Wilcox
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Today Mon 26th Oct 2020

As you'll discover as you probe this site, I teach full instructional tutorials on how I play specific songs in various musical genres including: 

Bluegrass --- this is a style of music that I grew up with and attended many bluegrass festivals in my younger days with brothers and local friends and musicians.

Watching those cats picking banjo, mandolin and fiddle on stage was awesome and only fueled the party atmosphere that always happened around our circle of vans, campfires and cold beer.

Ricky Skaggs, Jin & Jessie, Mac Wiseman, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and others never disappointed us with their great tunes. I cover these and other artists in my Bluegrass Section Here.

Blues --- A style of music that has been around a long time and one that works with pretty much any age group. I never played a lot of blues growing up but did come to appreciate this genre more as I got into music

I cover a few blues artists including Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Blues Brothers, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale and others. Check out my demos in the Blues Section Here.

Country --- As a kid there was always music happening around the house as two older brothers and one older sister played guitar, and my dad a bit as well. So it should be no surprise that this category is the largest on the site here.

Not many a day would pass when George Jones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and others were not invading the airwaves in my house. Many artists including Emmy Lou Harris, John Anderson, Kenny Chesney, Waylon and Willie, Alan Jackson and others make up this section. It's divided into 4 areas of female artists, country bands, older country and newer country but each area can be accessed from links at the top of each page. Visit my Country Section Here

Christmas --- Who doesn't love the old Christmas classics that have been passed down through the years from people Burl Ives, Bobby Helms, Patti Page, Bing Crosby and others.

And of course many artists from various genres have their own spin on the classics such as Gwen Stefani, George Strait, The beach Boys, The Eagles and many others. The list is over 60 so far. View my Christmas Section Here.

Sheet Music Plus Guitar Tabs

Folk --- This style of music exploded in the 1960's from artists like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Gordon Lightfoot and others. Although fingerpicking type songs are popular in this genre, I don't teach fingerpicking on this site. But many folk songs that use fingerpicking can be covered off using rhythm.

I have a variety of male and female artists in this section including, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Don McLean, Harry Chapin, John Prine, Patty Griffin and many more. Check out my Folk Section Here.

Gospel --- Although Elvis had recorded many gospel songs during his career, other artists have done the same including Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Kris Kristofferson and more. And then there are some artists who are dedicated just to this genre and those include Walt Mills, Cody McCarver and Pastor Tim Livingston.

I have more Gospel type songs that have to be added to this list and that is part of the site makeover which is happening as of mid Sept 2020.  Until then, you'll find an assortment of artists in my Gospel Section Here.

Irish --- Sort of like the Christmas section, which is a seasonal section, St Patricks Day in Feb brings out the Irish in us all. However, there are some great ballad type numbers in this area as well as the standard traditional Irish bands such as The Dubliners, Tommy Makem, The Irish Rover and others.

One thing I know for sure is that you can never go wrong playing some old Irish standards at a party. Whether people know the words or not, there is no better sing-a-long style of music to get people singing and toes a tappin' than a few traditional Irish numbers. View my Irish Section Here.

Motown --- I'll likely be combining this section with the blues as there is a lot of cross over artists in blues, rhythm and blues, soul and motown. And since I only have a handful of Reggae artists, they will all fit int one category.

This section has some great Motown artists like Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Smokey Robinson as well as bands like The Temptations, The Commodores, Kool And The Gang and others. I'll send out an update notification when these sections are combined.View the Motown Section Here.

Pop --- This category includes well knows artists such as Adele, George Michael, John Mayer, Ricky Martin, The Jonas Brothers and more.

Sometimes Pop and Rock artists could cross over into the same genres, but I wouldn't consider any of the above artists as rock musicians, so this category was created.

Drop by and check out the artists in my Pop Section Here.

Rock --- Having grown up in the 70's and in a band when I was 14, it should be no surprise that this category is on par with the country category in terms of volume of songs.

And that my viewing audience seen to request more country and rock songs than most of the other categories. This section will be split eventually into "Artists" such as Billy Joel, Tom Petty, George Harrison etc and also into "Bands" like Steppenwolf, Journey, The Who, The Eagles  and others.  

View my Rock Section Here.

1950's --- I wasn't around during these wild days but man alive, there were some great songs came out of this decade. Elvis, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, The Everly Brothers all played a part in changing the landscape of music forever.

It's always great to go back and build lessons from those artists who were a part of the wild and crazy 50's and the birth of RnR. View the 50s Section Here

1960s --- I decided to create this category separately from the folk section because much of the music from this decade of the hippies, covers bands that today we would class as rock. So this section is a bit of a mix of Folk, Rock and 1960s music.

Here you'll find The Beatles, The Seekers, Donovan, Hermans Hermits, Woody Guthrie, The Hollies and many others. Many memorable tunes came from this period of time. View my 60's Section Here

Vegas --- How do you classify this era of songs other than to say these big band type numbers is what you'd see in a place like Las Vegas.

Artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Barry Manilow and others present that sort of big band era of music with heavy orchestration component to it and so these are the types of tunes you'll find in this section.

Some artists like Willie Nelson and Rod Stewart are in here because of the Vegas type of song they've covered. And I may have to add more songs to this category soon. View my Vegas Section Here.

Freebies Section

As this site expands in depth, you'll find tips on strumming patterns, lyrics and more eventually about each song. But for those who are new to playing guitar I have 16 videos on the basics of rhythm which are all free here.

I'm also going to be laying out many more full lesson tutorials you can study and watch as I take apart various songs and my interpretation of what I'm hearing and blending into the rhythm. But for now there are some free tutorials here.

My full paid tutorial lessons do assume you can already play the guitar. So don't purchase a lesson expecting me to show you how to play a G or C chord. That stuff is in the free area.

The shell of this site has been around since early in 2019 but the real content is just getting started. This was due to setbacks in several areas which I won't get into, but looking forward to new page layouts, tons of content and hopefully valuable tips to help you get on with enjoying playing the guitar. 

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