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Welcome to my site (formerly known as ""  which you can still use and that domain will re-direct you here to this page.

Due to the large amount of content on the site, you may find it handy to use the latest A-Z Directory for finding various artists. It is a series of artists listed in order. If you're looking for a "The" band such as "The Doobie Brothers" you'll find them under the letter "T" not the letter "D".

Site Update

1 point per lesson purchased -- 6 points gets you a free lesson -- starts 1 July

Note To Apple Users

If you're an Iphone or Ipad user ... you can't download my lessons into your devices. You have to download the files onto a laptop or desktop first .. then use ITunes to sync the files into your devices (search youtube on how to do this) ... tip - you can always get a free dropbox account .. load your lessons there ... then view from the device.

You can place an order on the device, but when you receive the download link via email, don't try and download into the device. It may work for a few hrs, but what you're doing is streaming the video ... and since Payloadz is not a streaming service, they will cut your link.

Do You Use Hotmail?

If you purchase a lesson using a hotmail address ... not sure why but hotmail seems to direct all email from Payloadz into either junk or spam .. so look there for your download link. 

New Here? Watch

Bulk Lesson Discounts

Use Codes @ Checkout Lessons $3.25ea in USD.

  1. Any 12 = $14.95 (use code 2R246815)
  2. Any 20 = $19.95 (use code 1N882E4D)
  3. Any 50 = $30 (use code B334911R

How To Order

Note: - If you get a "URI File Too Long" error upon checkout - email me your order - I'll invoice you then send you your download links.
  1. Find the lesson
  2. Click Add To Cart (opens new window)
  3. Click Next - Payment (PayPal or C Card)
  4. Check email (junk & spam also)
  5. Ordering several? - Use tab at my site and add another lesson (s) - then checkout
  6. If buying in bulk,  copy & paste code so price drops, then checkout - check email for links.

Paid Requests

Fee is $25US - (for 9 Lessons)

  1. Make request via email
  2. I'll invoice you for $25 ... you make payment and I build the lesson.
  3. I'll email link & chord sheet over.
  4. Email me a list of any 8 lessons you'd like for & I'll send download links.

New Lesson Notification

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