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Kirby's Guitar Lessons

kirbys guitar lessons

I help others ignite the musician within by mastering their favourite acoustic songs with confidence while bringing them to life and skill-fully performing those melodies on the acoustic guitar.

Ignite Your Musical Journey with

Unlock the guitarist within and master your favorite acoustic songs with confidence at Here, I go beyond teaching chords; I guide you to express your emotions and forge a lifelong connection with the music you love.

Have you envisioned strumming the chords to your favorite tunes, evoking the soulful melodies of musical icons, or finding your voice on the guitar? At, I understand that learning the guitar is a journey to discover your passion and express yourself through music.

Why ?

  • Extensive Song Library: Explore over 3000 guitar tutorials covering country, rock, blues, folk, classics, pop, motown, gospel, and more. It's not just about playing; it's about connecting with the heart and soul of each genre.
  • Inspiration in Every Lesson: Each tutorial is a journey into the heart of the music you love. I blend rhythm with bass and riff notes, bringing authenticity to every song and making your playing skills stand out.
  • Versatility for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, my tutorials cater to all skill levels. Get guidance to bring your musical aspirations to life, and I'm always here via email if you need support.
  • Free Resources & Affordability: Explore free demos, download chord and lyrics sheets, and take the first steps with affordable purchases. Join guitar enthusiasts broadening their repertoire and performing gigs with a bit of musical magic.
  • No Complicated Theory: Dive straight into the soul of the music with easy-to-grasp chord shapes, rhythm patterns, riffs, and picking breaks. No need for complicated tabs or scales—let's dive into playing the song.

Your Musical Odyssey Begins:

Don't let your dream of becoming the guitarist you've always wanted to be fade away. Your potential is waiting to be unlocked. Your musical journey starts at, where my guitar tutorials resonate through your soul, shaping your unique musical story.

Explore, Dream, Play:

Embark on your musical journey with me. Explore the vast tutorial library, try some free tutorials, and let your guitar dreams take flight. Whether you're performing, recording, or strumming by the fireside, is here to help you unleash your musical potential.

Your Stage, Your Moment:

Your music, your emotions, your journey—all begin at The stage is set; your moment is now. Let the power of my tutorials guide you on a musical odyssey that's uniquely yours.

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Week Ending 3 Mar 24

1. Leona - Wet Willie
2. Two Divided By Love - The Grass Roots
3. The Story Of My Life - Neil Diamond
4. Justine - The Apparitions
5. Something About You - Kevin Welch
6. Everybody Knows - The Dave Clark 5




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