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Hello Everyone

A Quick Summary

Here is a snapshot of me:

  • self taught guitar around age 7
  • first public performance in grade 8
  • played in my first band at 15
  • joined the Air Force at 18 & my guitar & I travelled and played in messes & deployments and bars entertaining fellow International Aircrew for 22 years
  • lived in Germany '88-'91 and played in a dance & show rock band with very talented musicians;
  • played in clubs & bars solo with the best backup band ever ... (Karaoke);
  • retired in 2007 and started playing / teaching online. 

So How Can I Assist You?
Are You Weak In Rhythm?

You get better as a guitar player by playing ... and with all of the different styles you'll see me play here, I can help you improve your rhythm skills as that's what I do, helping people worldwide since 2007.

As of Jan 2022, I've covered over 1200 artists ... 1000's of songs ... in many styles!

I don't play classical, rap or jazz ... but I've tackled pretty much everything else to some degree. 

So check out my site and hopefully I can help you expand your playing skills.