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Black Singers In The 60s
On The Acoustic

Welcome to my black singers in the 60s on the acoustic section. This section has a combination of bands, duos and artists with free demos, chord sheets and more. 

Artists on this page:
Clyde McPhatter
Dorothy Moore - George Benson
Gary US Bonds - Jimi Hendrix
Otis Redding - Percy Sledge
R.B Greaves

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Black Singers In The 60s
Chords, Lyrics, Demos, Tutorials

1. Angel - Jimi Hendrix

angel jimi hendrix

Angel was first recorded back in 1967 but was not released to the public at that time. Hendrix wrote the song and had planned on putting it on his 4th album "The Cry Of Love".

The song did end up on the album in 1971 just after his death in Sept of 1970. The song was released as a single A side in the UK where it reached #59.

He mentioned in an interview that the song was about his mom he had in a dream as a child.

There is some lead in this one with a down down up down up down up and repeat rhythm pattern. In standard tuning and with a ton of chords such as E, Bmaj7 sus4 (9)/G♭- E, Asus2,  Bsus4,  Gb, Db, Abm, Bbm, B, Bsus, C, A, D, D#, Eb, Db and a C.

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2. Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore

misty blue dorothy moore

Misty Blue was first recorded 10 years before Dorothy Moore recorded it by Wilma Burgess in 1966 and Eddy Arnold in 1967. Both were country hits.

In 1976 Dorothy Moore released her version. She didn't see the song as a hit when she recorded it but the song went on to become a top 10 hit is several countries, peaking the highest at #2 in the US.

Play this one using the chords C, Cmaj7, Caug, Dm, G, Em and an F. I use a down down up down down pause pause rhythm pattern here in standard turning and a capo on the 3rd for the original key. A bit of picking here blended into the rhythm.

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3. On Broadway - George Benson

on broadway george benson

On Broadway was first recorded by The Drifters back in 1963 and had a #9 hit with the song. George Benson took a smooth jazz approach with his version and can be found on his 1978 album Weekend In LA.

The single release hit #7 on Billboard and #2 on the R&B charts. He also won a Grammy for best vocal performance with this song.

These isn't any lead work in this one in standard tuning and it uses all down strokes for the rhythm as you'll see. Using the chords Gb, E, B, A, Db, G, F, C, Ab, D, B and an Eb, this song changes key by half steps as you progress.

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4. Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding

sittin on the dock otis redding

Sittin On The Dock was Otis Redding's only #1 hit song and it happened after his death in 1967. The song hit the top of the charts in 1968.

The song hails from the album The Dock Of The Day.

Rhythm pattern for this one is a down down up down down up down up and repeat with some down strokes in standard tuning. No lead here as you move through the chords G, B7, C, A7, A, E7, D, F and a D7.

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5. Take A Letter Maria - R.B. Greaves

take a letter maria rb greaves

Take A Letter Maria was released by RB Greaves in September 1969. The song picked up airplay and by Nov the song sold a million copies.

In 1970 it had reached 2.5 million in sales. The track is from the album RB Greaves.

This song is in A so capo up two frets for the original key. There is no lead in here but there is a horn riff which we can capture so I play this one lower in G. The chords here are G, C and F in standard tuning.

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6. There Arms - Otis Redding

these arms of mine otis redding

These Arms Of Mine was a single from the 1962 album Pain In My Heart.

The song reached #20 on the US R&B chart. This song was Redding's first single release for Stax Records.

You can play all down strokes for rhythm here or play a down down down up down up and repeat in standard tuning. A little lead work playing the chords D7, G, D, C, C7, G/Eb, G/E and a G7. Original key is a capo 3rd but I'm in a capo 2nd fret here.

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7. This Little Girl Is Mine - Gary US Bonds

this little girl of mine gary us bonds

This Little Girl Is Mine is a Bruce Springsteen song from 1978. Gary US Bonds covered the song in 1981 and took the song to #11 in the US. 

The song can be found on his "Dedication" album.

For this one you'll want to play a steady up and down rhythm pattern for the most part as you'll be playing some walking bass throughout and some shuffle rhythm. The key is higher by two frets but too high for my range in standard with chords Em, G, C, D, D7 and a Bm. A few picking slides in here as well.

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8. Waterfall - Jimi Hendrix

waterfall jimi hendrix

Waterfall is also known as "May This Be Love" and hails from his 1967 debut album entitled "Are You Experienced".

This song was not released as a single as the album only produced one single release and that was a song called "Foxy Lady".

There is a bit of lead here following the vocal phrasing of the song playing a down down up down up down up pattern or you can just play down strokes though most of this one. In standard tuning the chord here are E, A, Esus, D, B and a Gbm.

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9. When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge

when a man loves a woman percy sledge

When A Man Loves A Woman became a #1 hit for Percy Sledge back in 1966 on both the R&B and Billboard charts. Later it was a success for singles John Wesley Ryles in 1976, Bette Midler in 1980 and Michael Bolton in 1991.

The song is from the Percy Sledge album of the same name.

For some reason I was calling Percy, Perry in the video. The rhythm pattern here is a down down up down up down down and repeat in standard tuning. No lead break in the original but I added a small one in here play the chords C, G6, Am, Am/G, F, C7, D7 and an Fm at the end. Capo 1st is the original key.

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10. You're Moving Me - Clyde McPhatter

youre moving me clyde mcphatter

You're Moving Me is a song recorded by Clyde McPhatter but I've been unable to track down when or what album the song hails from.

This one I play with a capo on the 4th fret for the original key and a Drop D Tuning which of course is always optional. There is a walking bass component in this one with the chords D, G7, Em, G, D7 and an A7. You can play a steady down up down up pattern with some down strokes and shuffle rhythm in places. No lead in this one.

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