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Decorative Guitars For The Wall

Welcome to Decorative Guitars For The Wall page which will be showcasing some designs I can provide in the "office" and "home decor" space dealing with essentially guitar wall art.

What is unique here, is that you the visitor, have unlimited options to choose from. What do I mean? Well as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

kirbys flower sunburst

Guitar Body Art

This first category here deals with just the electric guitar body ... a non playable decorative art piece. I do have the ability to create full body decorative guitars that are playable thru an amp if that's what you're looking for. But I don't take your particular guitar and customize it with art. It would be a completely new electric guitar.


So this is what I'm talking about. This is a Picaso painting transformed onto the body of a real electric guitar. The sides and back of this particular piece is stained in chocolate brown to match with the brown color in the painting and of course finished and polished for a smooth result.

This decorative piece can be placed on a stand on a corner table in a room, or hung/mounted on the wall.

But let your mind wonder for a bit with a few of these ideas.

  • You personally have a favourite musical artist (say Elvis or Johnny Cash), and you'd like to spice up your collection of memorable items with one of these decorative pieces. I can offer multiple designs that may fit your taste with the help of prompting thru AI;
  • maybe you've lost a pet or loved one and you'd like something more than just an 8x10 in a picture frame. If you get the image to me, we can even use AI to update the image if you'd like, before I build the decorative piece (replace Picaso here with yours);
  • or how about as a unique gift item for someone you know ... maybe they're a truck driver, policeman, trademans, medical professional etc ... and perhaps they even play a little guitar on the side. How would they feel receiving a personalized gift like this with say an 18-wheeler, or even their 18-wheeler on one of my guitar pieces?

Playable Guitar Body Art

Now take the above concept and expand it a bit to a full fledged playable electric guitar with the same concept. Now keep in mind I'm not dealing with Les Paul quality guitars here, so you won't be paying $3000 for one of these guitars. It's a basic hollow body with a neck and bridge pickup, three way switch and vol and tone controls.

The guitars themselves are made from Basswood (more expensive is usually Mahogany) and the neck is maple with a maple fretboard (again more expensive models are Mahogany necks with basswood fretboards).

But I've seen a few tests online against some top of the line guitars and you will need a very good ear to tell the difference when both are played thru an amp with the same settings ... but the showpieces themselves are the main focus here because it's smaller and wouldn't require the recipient to mount a full size guitar on a wall or take up space in the corner of the room.

Some Sample Idea To Get Started

1. Elvis Presley

You get to pick if you'd like the body stained a particular color, or left as natural wood. That may depend on the pattern decided upon by you, but totally your call.

elvis decorative guitar 1 ex1a
elvis decorative wall art 2
elvis decorative guitar 2

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