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This song hails back to the 1930's from the blues artist Lead Belly. This Eric Clapton album covers song hails from his 1977 Slowhand album.
Before You Accuse Me
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Bo Diddley wrote and recorded this song back in 1957. Clapton actually recorded this song on four different occasions for various album releases up thru the years. Eric Burdon from The Animals and CCR have also covered this song.
Bell Bottom Blues
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This song came about as a request from George Harrison's wife Patty Boyd who requested Clapton pick her up a pair on Bell Bottoms (wide flare pants at the bottom) from the USA on his next trip there. Apparently that fashion statement had not hit the UK yet. Boyd was married to Harrison for 11 years, divorced him and married Clapton and then they divorced after 10 years.
Change The World
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Clapton didn't write this song but recorded if for the 1996 film Phenomena starring John Travolta. The song was a top hit in Canada and a top 40 in many countries worldwide.
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JJ Cale actually wrote this song in 1976 and Clapton recorded it for his 1977 Slowhand album. Clapton describes the song as actually a song that is anti-cocaine. He never performed the song very often at live shows.
Easy Now
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This song was written by Clapton and appeared on the 1970 B-side of After Midnight and again on the B-side of the 1972 single "Let It Rain". Because of that the song did reach the charts in several countries with it's highest placing in Canada at #10.
Further On Up The Road
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This is an old 1957 tune first recorded by Bobby "Blues" Bland who had some success with his version. The original title is Farther Up The Road but Clapton changed it to the first line in the song to "Further On Up The Road". This song was one of many Eric Clapton album covers that appeared on several albums, the first one back in 1976.
Hey Hey
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Eric Clapton has said this his guitar playing was heavily influenced by blues musician Bill Broonzy, who died in 1958. Clapton recorded this song called "Hey Hey" for the 1992 Unplugged album in front of an MTV audience.
How Deep Is The Ocean
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This songs goes way back to 1932 and was written by Irving Berlin. Clapton recorded a version for his 2010 album "Clapton".
I Can't Stand It
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From his 1981 album "Another Ticket", Clapton scored a #1 hit in the US and Israel with this single. The song also crossed over and hit #10 on the US Hot 100 Charts.
I Shot The Sheriff
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Another Eric Clapton album covers song, this time from Jamaican artist Bob Marley, who wrote this song and recorded a version in 1973. But it was Clapton's version a year later that got all of the attention. He had a #1 hit with his cover.
I've Got A Rock & Roll Heart
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A single release in 1983 and some commercial use by T-Mobile but this one in the top 20 for Clapton.
Lay Down Sally
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This song Eric co-wrote with two other writers and even had a crossover hit on the country charts peaking at #26. This single came from the 1977 "Slowhand" album and hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.
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The idea for this song goes back to the 7th century and then the 12th century when the story was put into a poetic form. A book was given to Clapton who was inspired by the story and the parallels in his own life with his infatuation of Patty Boyd who was George Harrison's wife at this time in 1970.

Derek and The Dominos drummer Jim Gordon co-wrote the song with Clapton. The song reached #1 in both 1971 and in 1992 with Clapton's Unplugged version.
Let It Rain
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This song was actually a B-side track to "Easy Now" from 1972 and has appeared on over a dozen Clapton albums through the years. Clapton wrote this one.
Malted Milk
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Several of Eric Clapton album covers reached back into the early days of the blues, including this old Robert Johnson tune from 1937. Clapton did a great cover on this tune.
My Fathers Eyes
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Clapton wrote this song about his father whom he never met and about his young son who died at age four falling from an apartment window. The single was released from the Pilgram album of 1998 and won a Grammy Award the following year.
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
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This old tune was written by Jimmy Cox back in 1923 but the first recording wasn't until 1927 by Bobby Leecan. This was one of the early songs Clapton learned on the acoustic. A Derek And The Dominos version was recorded and Clapton's Unplugged version was also recorded.
Outside Woman Blues
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Another old blues tune from 1929 by Blind Joe Reynolds. Cream recorded this one in 1967 and again for their reunion tour at Royal Albert Hall in 2005.
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Clapton did not write this one but had a top 40 hit song in several countries with this one when it was released in 1978.
Rambling On My Mind
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Eric Clapton first recorded this old Robert Johnson song from 1936 in 1966 on an album called "Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton".
Rockin Chair
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Another one of Eric Clapton album covers dating back to 1929 and a song written and first recorded by Hoagy Carmichael. Several artists have recorded this on including Louis Armstrong and Eric Clapton, who did his cover in 2010.
San Francisco Bay Blues
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Jesse Fuller didn't write this one but was first to record it in 1954. Up through the years Dylan, Brothers Four, Jim Croce, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and others have covered the song.
Someone Like You
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This one is an Arthur Lewis song that Clapton recorded and should not be confused with the Adele or Van Morrison songs of the same name.
Tears In Heaven
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This song was released in 1992 and was a #2 in the US and a #5 in the UK for Clapton. He and Will Jennings co-wrote the song for both the movie "Rush" and as part of the healing process Clapton was going through after the death of his four years old son.
They're Red Hot
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Another classic here from Robert Johnson from 1936. There is a great rehearsal TY clip of Clapton with the late Billy Preston in studio trying to get a final take on this song. Worth watching for sure.
Thorn Tree In The Garden
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This song was the last track on the "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs" album from 1970. All musicians, including Duane Allman, sat in a circle and recorded this song with one mic.
Watch Out For Lucy
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Clapton wrote this one and put it on the B-Side of his 1978 single release of "Promises".
Wonderful Tonight
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While waiting for Patty Boyd to get ready for a Paul and Linda McCartney's annual Buddy Holly Party event, Clapton wrote this song. The song was a top 10 in several countries.

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