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Heart Of Gold Guitar Lesson
Free For The Acoustic

heart of gold guitar lesson

Welcome to my free Heart Of Gold guitar lesson page from Neil Young.

With his raw and distinctive voice, poignant songwriting, and unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, Neil Young has left an indelible mark on the music industry. From his early days as a member of Buffalo Springfield to his iconic solo career, Young's music has captured the hearts and minds of generations of fans.

Join me as I delve into how I play Heart Of Gold on the acoustic guitar. You'll find a free pdf chord sheet below as well.

 Heart Of Gold
Guitar Lesson

heart of gold harvest

"Heart of Gold" is featured on Neil Young's album titled "Harvest," released in 1972. The album is regarded as one of Young's most successful and influential works.

The song was written by Neil Young himself. He composed it during a time when he was recovering from a back injury and experiencing a bout of flu. The lyrics reflect his feelings of introspection and the search for something genuine and meaningful.

"Heart of Gold" was released as a single and achieved significant chart success. In the United States, it reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1972, becoming Neil Young's only song to achieve that feat. It also reached the top spot on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart.

The song is often interpreted as an exploration of the complexities of fame and success. It conveys a sense of longing for a simple and authentic connection with others. The lyrics, "I've been a miner for a heart of gold," suggest a quest for something pure and sincere, amidst the challenges and pressures of life.

While there was no official music video for "Heart of Gold" at the time of its release, Neil Young performed the song on various television shows, including "The Johnny Cash Show" and "The Old Grey Whistle Test." These performances can be found on video-sharing platforms and in Neil Young's concert films and documentaries.


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Heart Of Gold Lyrics

I want to live - I want to give
I've been a miner for a heart of gold
It's these expressions - I never give
That keep me searching for a heart of gold - and I'm getting old
Keep me searching for a heart of gold - and I'm getting old


I've been to Hollywood - I've been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold
I've been in my mind - It's such a fine line
That keeps me searching for a heart of gold - and I'm getting old
Keeps me searching for a heart of gold - and I'm getting old


Keep me searching for a heart of gold
You keep me searching and I'm growing old
Keep me searching for a heart of gold
I've been a miner for a heart of gold - ahhhh

Heart Of Gold Guitar Lesson Tips

neil young heart of gold

Neil Young recorded this song in the key of G and uses a standard G, Em, C and D chord structure. Many songs follow this structure as you'll discover if you play enough songs.

The rhythm on this one is a bit choppy with down-strokes, mainly for the harmonica section. But it gets a bit complicated while trying to blend in the harmonica parts. Once you get to the singing sections you can play a down down up down up and repeat

There are three breaks in this song. The intro and two during the song. And it's following a bit of the singing melody pattern. Hopefully you can follow the lesson instruction. If you want, you can pick the pattern that is easy and just duplicate it several times.

Neil Young recorded "Heart of Gold" in one take: During the recording session for the song, Young played acoustic guitar and sang live with the band. The entire performance was captured in just one take, resulting in the version that appears on the album "Harvest." This spontaneous and raw recording method contributed to the song's intimate and heartfelt atmosphere.

James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt provided backing vocals: On the original recording of "Heart of Gold," James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt contributed harmony vocals. Their voices blend beautifully with Young's lead vocals, adding depth and texture to the track.

The unique sound was achieved with a banjo tuning: Neil Young used a particular tuning for his acoustic guitar called "open D6" for "Heart of Gold." This tuning, which involves detuning some strings and leaving others open, gives the song its distinctive sound and contributes to its warm and resonant quality.

Neil Young was initially unsure about the song's reception: Before its release, Young was uncertain about the song's commercial appeal. In fact, he was surprised when "Heart of Gold" became his first number one hit. Its success propelled the "Harvest" album to great heights and helped solidify Young's status as a prominent singer-songwriter.

The harmonica solo was improvised: The harmonica solo that appears in "Heart of Gold" was completely improvised by Neil Young during the recording session. He picked up a harmonica, which happened to be nearby, and played the solo spontaneously, adding another layer of authenticity to the song.

These trivia tidbits provide some insight into the recording process and creative decisions behind "Heart of Gold" and shed light on the song's enduring appeal.

Overall, "Heart of Gold" remains one of Neil Young's most iconic and beloved songs, capturing his introspective songwriting style and resonating with audiences around the world.

Thanks for stopping by my Heart Of Gold guitar lesson page and I hope the info here was helpful.

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Heart Of Gold - Live Performance

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