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Las Vegas Guitar Lessons On Acoustic

If you're looking for Las Vegas guitar lessons in the city of Las vegas, this is not the page for you. Instead, this page covers songs by Vegas style artists on acoustic guitar such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and others.

So if you're trying to learn some of those old Vegas style songs by some of those performers just mentioned, then you are in the right place.

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Las Vegas Guitar Lessons

On this page you'll be able to link over to various artists that have their own page of 10-15 songs you can easily learn with my free demos, chord sheets and rhythm tips. While two other linked pages here have a combined list of 30 songs by various other artists such as Wayne Newton, Matt Monro, Barry Manilow and others.

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Dean Martin Section

In this Las Vegas guitar lessons section you'll find 11 Dean Martin songs you can learn on the acoustic guitar.  This list is as follows:

  1. Ain't That A Kick In The Head
  2. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
  3. Mambo Italiano
  4. Memories are Made Of This
  5. My Rifle My Pony And Me
  6. Release Me
  7. Return To Me
  8. Sway
  9. That's Amore
  10. We'll Sing In The Sunshine
  11. You Belong To Me

Not many people are offering lessons on these old classics anymore, so I'm glad to be filling a gap for those players young or old who love these old numbers.

Dean Martin section here.

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Frank Sinatra Section

Trying to play songs by old blue eyes on acoustic is always challenging because of the heavy orchestration which is usually in most Sinatra numbers. But for the most part, I've got you covered with these 10 selections by old blue eyes which includes:

  1. Both Sides Now
  2. Fly Me To The Moon
  3. I've Got You Under My Skin
  4. My Way
  5. Nice And Easy
  6. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  7. Something Stupid
  8. Strangers In The Night
  9. That's Life
  10. Young At Heart

Some of these song may look a bit complex on the surface but after you watch a few of my demos and follow along with the chord sheet, they are not so bad after all. And there are full lessons tutorials available for a small fee if required.

Frank Sinatra section here.

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Nat King Cole Section

First off let me say that I'm no jazz player. In fact I play by ear and jazz and classical are probably the two worst styles for someone who plays by ear. But I have managed to play a few numbers by Nat King Cole in what I would call a simplified way.

Those are 6 selections:

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  3. Nature Boy
  4. Save The Bones For Henry Jones
  5. The Christmas Song (chestnutts roasting)
  6. Unforgettable

Nat King Cole section here.

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Tom Jones Section

In my Tom Jones section I have 7 great number for the acoustic player. No one got the ladies quite excited from the stage as Tom Jones (OK maybe Elvis).

No promises mind you you'll get the same reaction when you play these number, but you will likely turn a few heads because these type of songs are rarely played by anyone on acoustic guitar. There 7 songs are:

  • Delilah
  • I Believe
  • It's Not Unusual
  • Just Help Yourself
  • Stay You'll Stay Until Tomorrow
  • She's A Lady
  • Set Me Free

Tom Jones section here.

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Vegas 1 Mixed

In these two sections are a combination of artists that does not constitute them having their own separate pages so I've combined them into the following two sections. Instead of listing the songs which you likely may not recognize, I'll just list the artists and you can browse the page of 15 selections.

  1. Chris Montez
  2. David Lee Roth
  3. Ella Fitzgerald
  4. Francis Langford
  5. Henry Burr
  6. Israel Kamakawiwo
  7. Jerry Butler
  8. Lou Bega
  9. Louis Armstrong
  10. Rod Stewart
  11. Sammy Davis
  12. Sid selvidge
  13. Sol Bloom
  14. The Lucky Duckies
  15. Willie Nelson

Vegas 1 section here.

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Vegas 2 Mixed

Imagine if you can playing Barry Manilow's Copacabana or Bobby Darin's Mack The Knife on the acoustic. There are only 8 artists listed here as several have more than one song on this page covering classics from:

  1. Barry Manilow
  2. Bobby Darin
  3. Engelbert Humperdinck
  4. Matt Monro
  5. Michael Buble
  6. Pat Boone
  7. Tony Orlando
  8. Wayne Newton

Vegas 2 section here.

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Thank you for visiting my Las Vegas guitar lessons page and I hope the info you found here and the subsequent sections below this one, helpful.

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