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Welcome to this Shenandoah Band songs page where you'll find several Shenandoah acoustic demos, free chord sheets and purchase options for full lessons.

I'll be adding to this list over the next several months as this group has many awesome songs for the acoustic guitar player.

Shenandoah Band Songs - Tutorials

1. Church On Cumberland Road

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This song for the Shenandoah band Church On Cumberland Road, was their first #1 hit when it was released back in 1989. Apparently, when Rascal Flatts was forming as a group, this was the song they sang to work on their harmonies.

2. Ghost In This House

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This song See If I Care came from the same album as Church On Cumberland Road and was the 5th single from the album. This song peaked at #6 in the US and #5 in Canada.

3. If Only

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4. See If I Care

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This song See If I Care came from the same album as Church On Cumberland Road and was the 5th single from the album. This song peaked at #6 in the US and #5 in Canada.

5. Sunday In The South

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That album from 1989 entitled "The Road Not Taken" produced a second #1 hit with the release of this song Sunday In The South.

Many people have commented on the original version about the easy going relaxed days and the great Sunday memories this song re-kindles.

6. The Moon Over Georgia

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The band had a #9 hit on the country charts with this song when it was released back in the spring of 1991.

7. The Road Not Taken - (FREE LESSON)

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The 2nd album from Shenandoah was entitled "The Road Not Taken" and had a track on there of the same name. Strangely this song, The Road Not Taken, and the title of the album, wasn't released as a single. But they had 3 #1 hits from the album.

8. Two Dozen Roses

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As mentioned above, Two Dozen Roses was a #1 hit for the Shenandoah band from "The Road Not Taken" album and was written by Nashville songwriters Robert Byrne and Mac McAnally.

Shenandoah Reunited

It's great to see this band performing once again. I'll add a link near the bottom of the page where you can catch up on their latest tour dates. Shenandoah was very popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's and charted 26 singles, of which 5 went to #1.

Lawsuits over the bands name crippled them financially and by 1992, they were without a contract. by 1997, Shenandoah disbanded.
Thanks for stopping by this Shenandoah Band songs page.

Marty Talks About Past Problems

As 2014 rolled around, Marty Raybon re-joined the group with the only other original band member drummer Mike McGuire. In March 2019 Shenandoah released their new album "Reloaded" and have released a single called "Noise" but the song failed to chart.

Many people don't know that Marty battled alcohol and it's demons but quit smoking and drinking on the very same day. He spends much of his down time working with prison inmates.
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