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Songs By Chris De Burgh
On Acoustic Guitar

songs by chris de burg

Welcome to my songs by Chris De Burgh page where you can see how I play Chris De Burgh numbers on the acoustic.

Below are free demos and pdf chord sheets on each song. I'll be including Chris De Burgh album covers to indicate the origin of each song.

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Songs By Chris De Burgh
Demos, Lyrics, Chords, Tutorials

1. A Spaceman Came Traveling

a spaceman came travelling chris de burgh song

A Spaceman Came Traveling is a song by Chris de Burgh that came out in 1975 on his album "Spanish Train and Other Stories." It's a Christmas-themed song with a twist of science fiction, and it's like a mix of folk, pop, and rock music.

The song tells the story of an alien visitor who comes to Earth in a spaceship and watches what's happening during Christmas from above. The lyrics talk about the spaceman's view of the nativity story and how it connects to the hope for peace on Earth, just like the birth of Jesus Christ.

The song has really cool words and a nice melody that creates a special atmosphere. It's been praised for being a unique combination of sci-fi and Christmas themes. "A Spaceman Came Traveling" is one of Chris de Burgh's most popular songs, and it's considered a classic holiday song that's played on the radio during Christmas time in many countries.

In Ireland, the single reached #1 on the charts, which means it was a big hit there!

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2. Borderline

borderline chris de burgh song

Borderline is a song by Chris de Burgh from his album "The Getaway," which came out in 1982. It's a romantic song about a relationship that's on the edge, where the singer is torn between wanting to stay and feeling tempted to leave. The lyrics talk about the struggles and conflicts that can happen in a relationship when it faces challenges and uncertainties.

"Borderline" has Chris de Burgh's melodic voice, with piano and guitar making a soft rock/pop sound. The song's lyrics and Chris de Burgh's heartfelt singing have made it really popular among his fans, and people like it for its emotional storytelling and music.

It did really well on the charts in many countries and is considered one of Chris de Burgh's most famous songs. It's also one of the standout tracks from the "The Getaway" album, which is known as one of Chris de Burgh's successful albums. In Ireland, the single reached #12 on the charts.

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3. Don't Pay The Ferryman

dont pay the ferryman chris de burgh song

Don't Pay The Ferryman was one of five singles from DeBurgh's 1982 album called The Getaway and this track was released in 1982.

It's a song that tells a story about a man who gets caught in a dangerous situation and has to face a supernatural figure known as the "ferryman." The ferryman is like a ghost or a spirit who takes people to the other side, like the afterlife.

In the song, the man refuses to pay the ferryman because he wants to escape and stay alive. The lyrics describe the man's intense and scary journey as he tries to outsmart the ferryman and make it through the night.

The song has a rock/pop sound with catchy guitar riffs and strong vocals from Chris de Burgh. It's known for its dramatic and adventurous feel, and it has been praised for its storytelling and musicality.

"Don't Pay the Ferryman" has been a popular song among Chris de Burgh's fans, and it's considered one of his well-known hits. It's a song that captures the imagination with its supernatural theme and exciting story.

This was the highest charting of the five singles peaking at #5 in Australia, #9 in Ireland and #34 in the US.

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4. Lady In Red

lady in red chris de burgh song

Lady In Red was Chris De Burghs most successful single when it was released as a single back in 1986. It's a romantic ballad that tells the story of a guy who falls in love with a girl he sees at a party wearing a red dress. The lyrics talk about how he's really taken by her beauty and how he feels when he's around her.

The song has a soft rock/pop sound with gentle piano and guitar melodies, and Chris De Burgh's smooth singing voice. It's known for being romantic and sentimental, and it's often played at weddings and special events because of its sweet tone.

"Lady in Red" did really well on the charts, reaching high positions in many countries. It's considered one of Chris De Burgh's most famous songs and is often associated with his music. People really like it because of its heartfelt lyrics and emotional performance, and it's a favorite among his fans because of its romantic theme and catchy melody.

In fact, "Lady in Red" hit #1 in several countries and made it to the top 10 in a few others. It was a big success when it came out and is still remembered as one of Chris De Burgh's most successful singles

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5. Seven Bridges

seven bridges chris de burgh song

Seven Bridges is a track from DeBurgh's 2011 album Footsteps 2 and is an original song written by De Burgh himself.

It's a song about a man who is reflecting on his life and the choices he has made. The lyrics describe the man's journey as he crosses seven bridges, which symbolize different stages of his life or challenges he has faced.

The song has a folk/pop sound with acoustic guitar and melodic vocals from Chris de Burgh. It's known for its introspective and introspective tone, and it has been praised for its storytelling and emotional depth.

"Seven Bridges" explores themes of self-reflection, introspection, and the passage of time. It's a song that encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives and the choices they make along the way. The song's heartfelt lyrics and Chris de Burgh's emotive performance have made it a favorite among his fans.

The track however was never released as a single.

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Thanks for dropping by my songs by Chris De Burgh page and I hope the info here was helpful.

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