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Darrell Scott Songs
On The Acoustic

darrell scott songs

Welcome to my Darrell Scott songs page where I'm featuring 5 songs by this great artist. One of them is a Dixie Chicks version but I wanted to include it here.

You can easily play these numbers on the acoustic. Full lesson tutorials available for purchase,  along with several free chord sheets in .pdf format, guitar demos and some rhythm tips on playing each song.

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Darrell Scott Songs
Chords, Lyrics, Rhythm Tips, Tutorials

songs by darrell scott

Darrell Scott is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his work in the country and Americana genres. Darrell Scott has released several solo albums and has gained recognition for his songwriting skills, contributing to the work of many notable artists in the country music scene.

In addition to his solo career, Scott has collaborated with various musicians and bands, showcasing his versatility as a songwriter and performer. His compositions have been covered by artists across different genres, reflecting the broad appeal of his songwriting.

1. Long Time Gone

long time gone darrell scott

Long Time Gone by the Dixie Chicks, released as the lead single from their seventh studio album "Home" in 2002, was penned by Darrell Scott and produced by Lloyd Maines.

The song's lyrics delve into the evolving landscape of country music, expressing the Dixie Chicks' discontent with the genre's current state. Notably, it pays homage to classic country artists like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Patsy Cline.

The track achieved commercial success, securing a spot in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Additionally, it garnered a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. Regarded as one of the Dixie Chicks' signature songs, "Long Time Gone" frequently graces their live performances.

Despite its success in the United States, the track did not chart in Canada.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down up stop up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: D, G, A, E, B, C
Chords & Lyrics


2. Miracle Of Living

miracle of living darrell scott

Miracle Of Living is a track found on Darrell Scott's album Theatre Of The Unheard which was released back in 2005.

There is no indication that this song was ever released as a single. Any info on Darrell Scott singles is even more difficult to find. In fact I'm not even sure if he's ever released any singles himself.

  • Drop D Tuning : No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: Down down chop with some shuffle rhythm
  • Picking: No
  • Chords: E, D, A, Dbm, B, A, Bm Gbm
Chords & Lyrics


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3. Satisfied Mind

Satisfied Mind is a classic country and gospel song that has been covered by various artists over the years. It was originally written by Joe "Red" Hayes and Jack Rhodes in the early 1950s. The song has become a standard in the realm of country and folk music.

Darrell Scott, like many other artists, has covered "Satisfied Mind" in his own style. The song often explores the theme of finding contentment and satisfaction in life, emphasizing the importance of non-materialistic values over wealth and possessions.

This track does not appear on any on the Darrell Scott albums that I've looked into so I'm not sure where you'd find a copy. It may have just been a song he played at various concerts etc and never laid down an actual track in the music studio.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: 3rd fret
  • Rhythm: down down up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: D, G, A, Bm
Chords & Lyrics Unavailable


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4. This Time Round

this time round darrell scott

This Time Round is a track found on Darrell Scott's album entitled A Crooked Road, which was released back in 2010.

This song does not appear to have been released as a single.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down down up down up down up and repeat
  • Picking: a few riffs
  • Chords: D, G, A/Db, Bm, Em, A7, A, A/A#, D/Gb
Chords & Lyrics


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5. You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

youll never leave harlan alive darrell scott

You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive is a track written and recorded by Darrell Scott and cam be found on his album "Live In NC".

The song was also recorded by country artist Brad Paisley.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: 2nd fret
  • Rhythm: down down up down up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: Am, F, G, C, D, E7, A#, G6
Chords & Lyrics Unavailable


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Thank you for dropping by Darrell Scott songs page. As an enthusiast of Darrell Scott's music, I am excited to share my passion for his work by offering lessons on five iconic songs— "Long Time Gone," "Miracle of Living," "Satisfied Mind," "This Time Round," and "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"—on the acoustic guitar.

Through my website, I aim to impart the beauty and intricacies of these compositions, enabling site visitors to not only appreciate Darrell Scott's artistry but also to embark on their own musical journey.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these lessons are designed to enhance your guitar skills while delving into the soulful storytelling that defines Scott's remarkable songwriting. I hope you found exploring the magic of Darrell Scott's music here helpful and useful.

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