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Here on this Emmylou Harris songs page you'll find many free pdf chord and lyric sheets along with tutorial demos and links to purchase full lessons in .mp4 format.  To date I've covered more Emmylou Harris songs than any other female artist.

Emmylou is admired by many artists across many musical styles. She can sing virtually any style of music, and having a long successful career in music is a testament of her talents.

 Emmylou Harris Songs - Tutorials

Beneath Still Waters
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This song was written by Dallas Frazier and first recorded in the late 1960's by George Jones and again by Diana Trask in 1970. Emmylou released it as a single from her Blue Kentucky Girl album from1981 and had a #1 hit.

Blue Kentucky Girl
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In 1965 Loretta Lynn released an album called Blue Kentucky Girl, and this song was a single from that album. The song was a #7 hit for Loretta. Emmylou almost repeated what Loretta had done 14 years earlier by also releasing the song from the same album title but reaching #6 on the country charts.

Bluebird Wine
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Rodney Crowell actually wrote this song and Emmylou recorded it before ever meeting him. She made a request to meet him and on that day, invited him to play guitar in her band, which he accepted.

Boulder To Birmingham
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Emmylou Harris co-wrote this song and recorded it in 1975 about her touring partner Gram Parsons, who toured with her from 1970-1973. Parsons overdosed in a hotel room at age 26 in Sept of 1973. Dolly Parton also covered the song a few years later in 1976.

Feeling Single Seeing Double
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Not much info available about this song which appeared on her 1975 album, Elite Hotel.

Gold Watch And Chain
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One of the earliest recording of this song is by The Carter Family back in 1933-1934. Emmylou covered the song for her 1980 album entitled Roses In The Snow.

I Still Miss Someone
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Johnny Cash and nephew Roy Cash Jr co-wrote this song and Johnny recorded it in 1958. He recorded is several more times over the years. Emmylou Harris recorded her version as the final single from her 1989 album Bluebird, where it peaked at #51.

One Of These Days
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One Of These Days was released by Emmylou in March of 1976 and peaked at #3 on the country charts. The song was written by Earl Montgomery.

Satan's Jeweled Crown
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Elite Hotel was the 2nd album from Emmylou Harris in 1975. The album contained a selection of songs from The Beatles, Buck Owens, Don Gibson, Hank Williams and others. This song was a track off of that album, which became her first #1 album.

Save The Last Dance For Me
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This is an old Drifters song from 1960. Emmylou covered the song in 1979 in a bluegrass format for her Blue Kentucky Girl album and had a top 10 country hit.

The Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia
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Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard wrote this song and recorded in in 1973. Emmylou recorded her version for the album Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town which was released in 1978.

Til I Gain Control Again
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Til I Gain control again was written by Rodney Crowell in 1975. Crystal Gayle has the most famous version as she had a #1 hit in 1982 with her single. Emmylou put the song on her 1975 Elite Hotel album. Waylon, Willie, Bobby Bare and Van Morrison all recorded this song.

Two More Bottles Of Wine
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Emmylou scored a #1 hit with her version of this Delbert McClinton song in 1978.

Wayfaring Stranger
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This song is believed to have been written sometime in the 1800's and was a well known American Folk / Gospel tune. Emmylou had a #7 hit with her version back in 1980. Burl Ives and Johnny Cash both recorded this song.

When I Stop Dreaming
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This is an old Louvin Brothers song which Emmylou put on her 1977 album, Luxury Liner.

Where Could I Go But To The Lord
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This song was a track on Emmylou's album entitled Angel Band, which was a live acoustic album featuring Jerry Douglas, Vince Gill, Mark O'Connor, Carl Jackson and Emory Gordy Jr.

Emmylou has worked with many artists over the years across all styles and as she said in an interview, one song at a time.

She has won 14 Grammy Awards, 3 CMA Awards and 2 AMA Awards to date. 

Her roots began in folk music being inspired by artists such as Joan Biaz, Bob Dylan, Buffy St Marie, Ian & Sylvia and Pete Seeger. Later on working with the late Gram Parsons, she got into the country music field.

Emmylou was on a drama scholarship to become an actress, but followed a bunch of hippies to Virginia Beach and then followed a career into music. A decision I'll bet she doesn't regret at all.

Thank you for stopping by this Emmylou Harris songs page. I hope you found the info here helpful and useful. 

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