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The Judds Songs
On The Acoustic


Thanks for stopping by The Judds songs on acoustic page where you'll find a collection of songs by The Judds demo covers, free chord sheets, rhythm tips and if required,  full lesson tutorials available for purchase for a small fee.

I'm also using The Judds album covers below so you know which album is associated with each song.

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The Judds Songs On Acoustic
Covers, Lyrics, Chords, Tutorials

1. Cow Cow Boogie

the judds greatest hit songs

Cow Cow Boogie is an old number first recorded back in 1942 and written for a film called Ride'em Cowboy, starring Abbott And Costello.

The Judds put the song on their 1987 album Heartland but the song was never released as a single.

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2. Cry Myself To Sleep

the judds famous songs

Cry Myself To Sleep was a #1 US hit and a #2 hit in Canada when it was released as a single in 1986.

The song hails from the album Rockin' With The Rhythm. Steve Earle also recorded this song as a B-side to his single What'll You Do About Me.

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3. Grandpa

grandpa lyrics by the judds

Grandpa was another monster hit for The Judds when it hit the airwaves in 1996. The song was #1 in both Canada and The US.

The track can be found on the record Rockin With The Rhythm. Download for free The Judds Grandpa lyrics below.

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4. I Saw The Light

country music the judds

I Saw The Light was a 1992 single from Wynonna's debut album from 1992 after her split from The Judds.

This album spawned three #1 hits and a #4. This song was one of those #1 hits.

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5. Let Me Tell You About Love

the judds top hits

Let Me Tell You About Love was one of 5 singles from the 1989 album River Of Time.

This was the only single of the five to reach #1 in both Canada and the US.

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6. Love Can Build A Bridge

the judds most famous song

Love Can Build A Bridge was the last album from The Judds where their single releases reached the top 10.

This song, released in 1991 from the album of the same name, peaked at #5 in Canada and #6 in the US.

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7. Mama He's Crazy

momma he's crazy the judds

Mama He's Crazy is single from the debut album from The Judds in 1983 called Wynonna & Naomi.

The song was a #1 in both Canada and the US. Until this song, the previous female / female duo who had a #1 hit was back in 1953 from The Davis Sisters.

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8. Rocking With The Rhythm Of The Rain

the judds top songs

Rockin With The Rhythm Of The Rain was a 1986 single by The Judds from the album Rockin' With The Rhythm.

The track hit #1 in both the US and Canada.

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Thanks for stopping by my The Judds songs on guitar page and I hope you found the info here useful in learning some of the The Judds top songs on guitar. 

A Tragic Loss

naomi judd

For many many years Naomi Judd suffered from mental anxiety and depression. It's hard sometimes to imagine how someone who seems to have it all on this earth can suffer from such a mental torment. Most people on the planet suffer from financial depression because they are in the 95% who seem to struggle through life. Clearly Naomi Judd did not fall into this category later in life with the success of her career as one of The Judds.

She had been married twice. The first marriage lasted from 1983 to 1991. Her 2nd marriage began a few years later in 1994 until her death in 2022.  A second marriage lasting for nearly 30 years seems to indicate life was good. Her two daughters Wynonna and Ashley were both successful in their own right.

I'm not a believer in taking prescriptions for any health issue, but that's just me. This lady was on some meds that causes serious side affects, and if you've even seen close friends of family members on such meds, you've seen a Jekyll And Hyde (1931 movie) transformation right before your eyes.

Of course I'm not privy to personal struggles inside of this talented family. But sadly on Apr 20th 2022, she pulled out a gun at her home in Leiper''s Folk, in rural Tennessee, and shot herself in the head. She was 76.

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