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Stand By Me Guitar Lesson
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Welcome to my free Stand By Me guitar lesson page where I'll explain to you how I play this great old tune on the acoustic guitar.

You'll also find a free demo video and a free pdf lyrics sheet you can download for this song. There is also a link to purchase the full lesson in .mp4 format if you so desire. 

 Stand By Me Guitar Lesson

John Lennon recorded a cover version of the classic song "Stand By Me" originally performed by Ben E. King. Lennon's rendition of the song was included on his 1975 album "Rock 'n' Roll," which featured covers of several rock and roll classics.

Lennon's version of "Stand By Me" was produced with a slightly different arrangement, incorporating his signature style and vocal delivery. While staying true to the soulful essence of the original, Lennon's rendition injected his own unique interpretation into the song.

Released as a single, Lennon's version of "Stand By Me" achieved commercial success, reaching the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song showcased Lennon's vocal prowess and his ability to infuse emotional depth into his performances.

Lennon's decision to cover "Stand By Me" and other songs on the "Rock 'n' Roll" album was a reflection of his deep appreciation for the music that influenced him and his desire to pay homage to the roots of rock and roll. By choosing to record "Stand By Me," Lennon celebrated the enduring appeal of the original song while making it his own.

Overall, John Lennon's recording of "Stand By Me" stands as a testament to his musical versatility, ability to connect with timeless songs, and his passion for honoring the rich heritage of rock and roll.

Chords & Lyrics


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Stand By Me Lyrics

When the night - has come - and the land is dark
And the moon - is the only - light we'll see
No I won't - be afraid - No I won't - be afraid
Just as long - as you stand - stand by me

And darlin', darlin', stand - by me - now now - stand by me
Stand by me - stand by me

If the sky - that we look upon - should tumble and fall
And the mountains - should crumble - to the sea
I won't cry - I won't cry - No I won't - shed a tear
Just as long - as you stand - stand by me

And darlin', darlin', stand - by me
Oh - stand by me
Stand by me - stand by me - stand by me


Whenever you’re in trouble won’t you stand - by me
Oh now now - stand by me
Oh Stand by me - stand by me - stand by me

Darlin', darlin', stand - by me - stand by me
Oh Stand by me - stand by me - stand by me

Stand By Me Tips

There are only four chords in this version by John Lennon and they are A, Gbm, D and an E. In the very beginning og the song you'll hear an E7 but it's only used once in the song. Vocally you may find this one high to sing as Lennon sings this on the high end of A, but as you'll see in my demo, I'm on the low end of A. If you can't quite make it up to that high vocal range and you don't want to sing it on the low end of A as I'm doing, just take the chords down to a G, Em C and D and try singing on the high end of G.

There are several versions of this song out there but inLennon's version uses a down up up down rhythm pattern which then repeats as you move through the song. In the beginning before the vocals kick in you down't really hear the down stroke or root note of the chord and it's a little tricky to hear what's really going on the first time you hear it. But once the vocals kick in you'll hear the root note or downstroke. From that point forward, it's easy to follow the rhythm.

The lead break in this song, which covers the chord progression twice, isn't really worth playing with one guitar because you'll lose the rhythm component. So in my lesson video as you'll see, I'm improvising my own picking break.

You can take what I'm doing or change it of course to suit what you think sounds best for your arrangement.

Here is the Youtube link to the original version

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John Lennon Stand By Me Official Video

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