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60s Upbeat Songs
On The Acoustic

Welcome to this 60s upbeat songs section. This is just one of several sections containing great 60s songs for the acoustic.

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60s upbeat songs
Artists on this page:
Billy Roberts - Boyce & Hart
Paul Revere & The Raiders
PJ Proby
Ralph McTell - Ray Columbus
The Apparition - The Marbles

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60s Upbeat Songs
Chords, Lyrics, Demos, Tutorials

1. From Clare To Here - Ralph McTell

from clare to here guitar lesson

From Clare To Here was written by Ralph McTell in the 1970's and appeared on his 1976 album "Right Side Up".

Working with an Irishman in London in the mid 60s, he responded to a question from McTell by saying "yes it's a long way from Clare to here".

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2. I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight - Boyce & Hart


I Wonder What She's Doin Tonight was recorded in 1967 and became a top 10 in the US the following year.

The song hails from the album of the same name.

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3. Indian Reservation - Paul Revere

indian reservation paul revere

Indian Reservation was released by Paul Revere And The Raiders as a single back in 1971. It was a huge #1 selling several million copies. It was their biggest hit song and hails from the album Indian Reservation.

The song was first recorded in 1959 that never charted and then again in 1968 by Don Fardon who has a top 20 hit in the US and a #3 in the UK.

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4. Justine - The Apparition

Justine is a song from a New Zealand group and was released in 1972. But there is little more information available about this track.

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5. Kicks - Paul Revere


Kicks by Paul Revere & The Raiders was included on their studio album titled "Midnight Ride." Released in 1966, "Midnight Ride" was the band's fifth studio album. It featured a collection of songs, including their hit single "Kicks." The album also contained other notable tracks such as "Louie, Go Home," "Steppin' Out," and "Just Like Me."

"Midnight Ride" further solidified Paul Revere & The Raiders' popularity and showcased their energetic rock sound. The album received positive reviews and reached No. 9 on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming one of their most successful studio releases.

"Kicks" remains a standout track on the "Midnight Ride" album and continues to be associated with the band's legacy and the spirit of 1960s rock music.

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6. Niki Hokey - PJ Proby


Niki Hokey is a song from PJ Proby but to my knowledge the song was never a single release.

The track is on the 2011 compilation album "Greatest Hits From The Sixties.

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7. Streets Of London - Ralph McTell

streets of london guitar lesson

Streets Of London appears on McTells 1969 album entitled "Spiral Staircase" but was not released as a single in the UK until 1974. There have been over 200 covers of the song.

Roger Whittaker had a successful cover in 1971 as well. The song peaked at #2 in the UK. There is a third verse which McTell wrote in Mar 2020.

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8. The Walls Fell Down - The Marbles

The Walls Fell Down ... info soon.

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9. Til We Kissed - Ray Columbus


Til We Kissed was from Ray Columbus And The Invaders who were a rock back from New Zealand from 1964 to 1966.

Til We Kissed was released in 1965 but surprisingly never charted in either Australia or New Zealand.

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Thank you for visiting my 60s upbeat songs page and I hope you found some useful and helpful info here.

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