Burning Love Chords

Jan 8th, 1935 – Aug 17th, 1977 (aged 42)

Here on this Elvis Presley Burning Love Chords page you'll find a the chords and lyrics to this song recorded by Elvis in 1972 becoming a Cash Box #1 hit song.

Burning Love Chords - Tutorials

For the record, I use a Drop D Tuning in the playing of Burning Love. To me it sounds fuller with one guitar, but you can use a standard tuning guitar. There are only four chords and they are D-G-A and a Bm. There is a free pdf chord sheet for this one so feel free to download it. Below is the website version of the chords and lyrics.

D                        G                     A                D
Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising
                                   G                  A                        D
Higher and higher, it's burning through to my soul
                                   G                  A                  D
Girl, girl, girl, girl, you're gonna set me on fire
                                   G                          A                  D
My brain is flaming, I don't know which way to go

          Bm      A         G                              Bm              A        G
Your kisses lift me higher - Like the sweet song of a choir
          Bm        A              G                    A          D
You light my morning sky - With burning love

                           G                    A                  D
Ooh, ooh, ooh, I feel my temperature rising
                                           G                    A                   D
Help me, I'm flaming, I must be a hundred and nine
                                   G                        A              D
Burning, burning, burning, and nothing to cool me, yeah
                                   G                A         D
I just might turn to smoke, but I feel fine


Bm         A         G
ohh---ohh---ohh ... X3
A                D
Burning love

                                        G                              A                D
It's coming closer, the flames are now licking my body
                                         G                       A          D
Won't you help me, I feel like I'm slipping away
                                   G         A                   D
It's hard to breathe, my chest is a-heaving
                                       G                 A                   D
Lord have mercy, I'm burning a hole where I lay

                          D     G
With burning love
                  D                                            G                       D                                       G
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love - I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
                  D                                            G                       D                                       G
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love - I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
                  D                                            G                       D                                       G          D
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love - I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

This ends the Burning Love Chords section.

Thanks for stopping by this Burning Love chords page and I hope you found the info listed here helpful and useful.

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