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Famous Older Country Singers Songs
On The Acoustic

Welcome to my famous older country singers page where you'll find info and lessons covering several well known old time country artists.

Help yourself to the free pdf chord sheets, view some full demos and sample demos. If you require full tutorial lessons for these songs below, there is a purchase link for a small fee. Deeper discounts available from the top of this page. 

famous older country singers
Artists on this page:
Freddie Hart - Kris Kristofferson
Jimmy Dean - Johnny Lee
Johnny Horton
Ray Price - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Vern Gosdin

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Famous Older Country Singers
Chords, Lyrics, Demos, Tutorials

1. Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

renowned veteran country musicians

Big Bad John was a single for Jimmy Dean back in 1961 from his album Big Bad John And Other Fabulous Songs And Tales.

The song was a #1 in the US and a #2 hit in the UK. The song did not chart in Canada for some reason.

This one has a down down up down up down rhythm pattern that repeats using the chords G, F, Em, C and D in standard tuning. The song does a 1/2 step move to add the chords G#, Gb, Fm, C# and D#. There is no lead in this song.

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2. Border Lord - Kris Kristofferson

legendary mature country artists

Border Lord was a 1972 album from Kris Kristofferson which didn't achieve much success at the time. He took quite a bit of flack from music critics as well for the album being well below his earlier work.

There was only one single from the album and this song was not it, instead they released one called Josie. That song charted at #70 in the US.

This one has a down down up down up pattern and a shuffle down up down up pattern as well. There is a bit of G bass in her as you'll see with the chords E, A, B, D, and G. A few riffs but no lead in standard tuning.

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3. Easy Loving - Freddie Hart

esteemed seasoned country performers

Easy Loving was a breakthrough #1 hit for Freddie Hart whose music career in country was a bit under-whelming. That's to an Atlanta DJ who played this song alot, in Sept 1971 Hart had his first #1.

The song can be found on his "California Grapevine" album.

I play this one in standard tuning with a root down up root up down up and repeat rhythm pattern. You'll do a bit of picking in this one playing the chords G, G7, C, A7, D and D7.

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4. For The Good Times - Ray Price

well-known elder country vocalists

For The Good Times was an album released by Ray Price in 1970 which contained the single of the same name. The song was written by Kris Kristofferson and was his first #1 hit song as a writer.

The album for Ray Price was the best of his career with five singles in the top and 2nd spots on the country charts.

This one I play with a capo 1st fret with the chords D, G, Em, A, A7, Am7, Gm, A/A#. Use a root down up root up down up rhythm pattern with no lead work in standard tuning. Adjust the capo or don't use one depending on your vocal range. My Willie Nelson version does have lead however.

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5. I Can Tell By The Way You Dance - Vern Gosdin

prominent aged country singers

I Can Tell By The Way You Dance was released by Vern Gosdin in 1984 as the lead off single from his album There Is A Season. Vern initially thought the song was too rock and roll-ish for him so he waited two years before he decided to give it a go.

The song went to #1 on the US Country Charts. Gary Morris recorded the song two years earlier but did not have the same success with his release.

The rhythm pattern here is a steady shuffle augmented with some quick bass notes. You'll use the chords D, G, A, Bm and a C in standard tuning. Some lead work required.

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6. Is It Raining At Your House - Vern Gosdin

notable senior country music stars

Is It Raining At Your House was first released in 1987 from Vern's album Chisled In Store. It also appreaed on his 10 Years Of Greatest Hits in 1990.

The song was co-written with Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran and made it to #10 in the US and #8 in Canada.

In this song you'll play a bit or arpeggio (notes) mixed with rhythm. What I do is a 1-2 down up for the most part while playing the chords D, A/Db, A, G, Gm, Bm and a Gb. There is some lead in standard tuning.

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7. Looking For Love - Johnny Lee

distinguished elder statesmen of country music

Looking For Love was Johnny Lee's first #1 hit back in 1980.

The song is from the album of the same name and was also featured in the movie Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta.

For this song you'll need a root down up root up down up rhythm pattern with a few down strokes in places with the chords Em, Gbm, G, A, Gmaj7 and D. There are a few riffs in here but no lead all played in standard tuning.

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8. Me And Bobby McGee - Kris Kristofferson

celebrated experienced country crooners

Me And Bobby McGee, probably the most famous song by Kris Kristofferson, was never released as a single by the artist.

The song appears on his 1970 debut album but the only single from that album was a song called To Beat The Devil, and if failed to chart.

After Janis Joplin recorded her version in 1971, this album was re-released and called Me And Bobby McGee, but still no Kristofferson single.

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9. One Woman Man - Johnny Horton

acclaimed elder country music figures

One Woman Man or as it's officially called I'm A One Woman Man, is from Johnny Horton's 1956 album Honky Tonk Man.

The song peaked at #7 on the US country charts. George Jones and Randy Travis both covered this song as did Josh Turner and Glen Campbell.

Played with Drop D Tuning and a capo on the 2nd, you'll pick a bit in this tune while playing a down up down up with walking bass rhythm pattern. The chords you'll need is a G, C and D.

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10. Sink The Bismarck - Johnny Horton

famous aging country music legends

Sink The Bismarck was a #6 hit on the US country charts in 1960 for Johnny Horton and hails from the album Johnny Horton Makes History.

Horton was killed in a car accident that same year and died at the age of 35. Johnny Cash did a reading at his funeral.

This one has down down up down quick shuffle pattern to start. The it turns into a root down bass down and repeat rhythm pattern with some bass runs. Played in Drop D Tuning with the chords D, G and A.

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11. Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

respected older country music icons

Sixteen Tons became a #1 hit in the US in 1955. The song was written by Merle Travis and released by Travis in 1947. But Tennessee Ernie Fords version in 1955 has become the best known version.

The track is from his album Ford Favourites.

A capo on the 2nd fret is the original key for this one in standard tuning but there is no lead guitar required. Use a root down root up down up rhythm with the chords Am, E, F, G, E7 and Dm.

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12. Walk On Boy - Jimmy Dean

illustrious veteran country performers

Walk On Boy was actually a B-side to the single PT-109, which went to #1 for Jimmy Dean in 1962.

Sources indicate this song is from the 1962 album Portrait Of Jimmy Dean, but there is no ref on the album jacket that Walk On Boy was on this album.

This one starts in Dbm, Ab7 and Gm and then moves up one fret to a Dm, A7 and a Gm. You'll play a root down root up down up rhythm pattern in standard tuning and no lead for this song.

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Thanks for stopping by this famous older country singers songs page and I hope the info here was helpful.

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