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Gram Parsons Best Songs
On The Acoustic

Welcome to my Gram Parsons best songs page where you'll find a few lesson tutorials covering some songs by Gram Parsons. I will be adding more over time.

You'll find free demos, sample videos, chord sheets, rhythm tips and more. If you require a full instructional video tutorial you can get one for a small fee. Discount pricing listed above.

gram parsons best songs

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Gram Parsons Best Songs
Chords, Samples, Demos, Tutorials

1. A Song For You Gram Parsons

gram parsons top tracks

A Song For You is a track from Parsons 1973 album GP. This album was his solo debut album and he was alive when it was released, but he never saw the released of the 2nd album which had already been recorded. The album failed to chart upon it's release.

The song wasn't written by Parsons, though. It was actually created by Leon Russell, a well-known musician and songwriter. Parsons' version of the song became very popular and helped make it a classic. The lyrics are about love and regret, with the singer talking to someone they care about deeply.

The song is in the key of A so I play it with a capo 2nd fret with the chords F, C, G, Am and D. You can play a 1-2-3 up down up and repeat rhythm pattern for the verses and a root down up root up down up pattern for the chorus. In standard tuning with a little bit of picking required.

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2. In My Hour Of Darkness Gram Parsons

gram parsons greatest hits

In My Hour Of Darkness is a powerful song from Gram Parsons' second and final solo album, "Grievous Angel," released in 1974. Parsons co-wrote this song with Emmylou Harris, who also sang harmonies on the track.

The song is often seen as a tribute to three of Parsons' friends who had died. It has a somber tone but also feels hopeful, which is typical of Parsons' style.

The lyrics talk about finding light in dark times, which some people think relates to Parsons' own struggles. This song is special because it was one of the last Parsons recorded before his own death in 1973, just months before the album came out.

I play this one in standard tuning with the chords G, C, D and D7 but the original key is in F. I use a root down up root up down up rhythm pattern and there is some lead work in this one.

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3. Sin City Gram Parsons

gram parsons classic tunes

Sin City is a song co-written by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, both of whom were members of The Byrds in the late 1960s.

Both left and formed the group The Flying Burrito Brothers and that's when this song was recorded for their first album The Gilded Place Of Sin released in 1969. The song was never released as a single.

You can play a root down up down up and repeat rhythm pattern in standard tuning with the chords D, A7, G and D7. A bit of lead need in this version.

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4. Streets Of Baltimore Gram Parsons

gram parsons essential songs

Streets Of Baltimore is a 1966 song written by Tompall Glaser and Harlan Howard which has been covered by many artists. Gram Parsons decided to put his version on his 1973 debut album GP.

Emmylou Harris also sang on this track and album. The song was never released as a single by Gram Parsons. This album was released in Jan 1973 and Gram Parsons overdosed in Sep 1973 at the age of 26.

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Gram Parsons Emmylou Harris Relationship

gram parsons emmylou harris

Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris had a close and special relationship in the early 1970s. They worked together on music and became good friends.

Many people wondered if they were romantically involved because they spent so much time together and had great chemistry when they performed. However, there's no proof that they were more than friends. Harris has always said they were just close friends and musical partners.

Parsons helped Harris start her career in music, and she looked up to him as a mentor. Even after Parsons died in 1973, Harris continued to honor him through her music. It's important to remember that Parsons was married during most of the time he knew Harris.

While we can't know everything about their private lives, it seems their bond was mainly about friendship and making music together.

Gram Parsons Death

gram parsons death

Many have wondered over the years how did Gram Parsons die? Gram Parsons died on Sept 19, 1973 from an overdose of morphine and alcohol while partying with some music associates at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California.

Parsons was declared dead on arrival at Yucca Valley Hospital at 12:15 a.m. on September 19, 1973, in Yucca Valley after friends failed to resuscitate him. He was 26.

He had told friends he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread over Cap Rock, a feature in the park. But Parsons family wanted his body returned to be buried in Louisiana.

Phil Kaufman and a friend stole the hearse containing Parsons body, drove it to Cap Rock and doused it with gas in an attempt to cremate the body and fulfill Parsons wish. The resulting fireball only did part of the job. The body remains eventually made it onto a flight east and  was the official Gram Parsons burial site is in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Metairie, Louisiana.

A Few Common Questions About Gram Parsons

1. What was Graham Parsons famous song?

Gram Parsons wrote many great songs, but "Hot Burrito #1" is often considered his most famous. He wrote this song with Chris Hillman when they were in a band called The Flying Burrito Brothers.

It's a sad love song that really shows off Parsons' talent for writing emotional lyrics. The song is also known by another name, "I'm Your Toy." Many fans and music critics think it's one of Parsons' best works.

what was gram parsons most famous song

The way Parsons sings it, with a lot of feeling, makes people connect with the song. Even though it wasn't a big hit when it first came out, over time, more and more people have come to love it. Other artists have recorded their own versions of the song, which has helped make it even more popular.

"Hot Burrito #1" is a good example of Parsons' style, mixing country and rock music in a way that touches people's hearts.

2. What was Gram Parsons real name?

Gram Parsons wasn't always known by that name. He was born Cecil Ingram Connor III in Florida. His family was very wealthy because they owned a big citrus fruit business. Sadly, when Gram was only 12 years old, his father died by suicide.

This was a tough time for young Gram. Later, his mother got married again to a man named Bob Parsons. Bob adopted Gram and gave him the last name Parsons. That's when he became known as Gram Parsons. This name change happened when Gram was a teenager.

Even though he came from a rich family, Gram chose to follow his passion for music instead of running the family business. He kept the name Gram Parsons for the rest of his life and became famous with it in the music world.

did gram parsons write any songs

3. Did Gram Parsons write any songs?

Gram Parsons was indeed a songwriter, even though he didn't live very long. He died when he was only 26 years old, but in that short time, he wrote many songs. Parsons wrote music for several bands he was in, including the famous group The Byrds.

He also wrote songs for his own solo albums and for other musicians. Parsons was known for mixing country music with rock, creating a new sound that many people loved. Some of his best-known songs are "Hickory Wind," "Sin City," and "Return of the Grievous Angel."

Even though he didn't write as many songs as some other musicians who lived longer, the ones he did write had a big impact on country-rock music. People still listen to and admire Parsons' songs today, many years after he died.

who influenced gram parsons

4. Who influenced Gram Parsons?

Gram Parsons' music was shaped by different styles. He loved the fast-paced country sound from Bakersfield, California, which artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens played. This gave Parsons' music its country twang.

He also liked soul music, and singers like Dan Penn helped him add a rhythm and blues feel to his songs. Folk singers were important too. Fred Neil and Tim Hardin showed Parsons how to write meaningful lyrics and sing them in a personal way.

All these different influences came together to create Parsons' unique style of music. He mixed country, soul, and folk to make something new and exciting.

Thank you for visiting my Gram Parsons best songs page and I hope you found some useful and helpful info here.

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