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Ring Of Fire Guitar Lesson
Free For The Acoustic

ring of fire guitar lesson johnny cash
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Welcome to my free Ring Of Fire guitar lesson page from Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash was a famous American singer who was born in Arkansas in 1932 and died in 2003. He became well-known in the late 1950s for songs like "I Walk the Line" and "Folsom Prison Blues." He wore black clothes and was called "The Man in Black." Cash sang different kinds of music like country and rock and roll.

He also cared about helping people who were treated unfairly. He often sang with his wife, June Carter Cash. Many movies and books have been made about his life because he was such an important part of music history.

On this page I'll explain to you how I play one of his most memorable songs called Ring Of Fire on the acoustic guitar. You'll find a free pdf chord sheet below as well.

Ring Of Fire

ring of fire song johnny cash

"Ring of Fire" is one of Johnny Cash's most famous songs, released in 1963. It was co-written by June Carter Cash, Johnny's future wife, and Merle Kilgore. The song's distinctive mariachi-style horns and Cash's deep, emotive vocals contributed to its iconic status.

The lyrics of "Ring of Fire" symbolize the intense emotions of love and desire, often described metaphorically as being engulfed in flames. It's believed that June Carter was inspired to write the song by her feelings for Johnny Cash while he was still married to his first wife.

The song became a massive hit for Cash, reaching No. 1 on the country charts and crossing over to the pop charts as well. It's since been covered by numerous artists and featured in various films, commercials, and TV shows, solidifying its place in music history as one of Cash's signature songs.

Ring Of Fire Chord Sheet

Chords & Lyrics

Ring Of Fire Lyrics

Love - is a burning thing - and it makes - a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire - I fell into a ring of fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns - the ring of fire
The ring of fire


I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns - the ring of fire
The ring of fire

The taste - of love is sweet - when hearts - like ours meet
I fell for you like a child - oh, but the fire went wild

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns - the ring of fire
The ring of fire

And it burns, burns, burns - the ring of fire
The ring of fire

Ring Of Fire Guitar Lesson

Ring Of Fire Guitar Lesson Tips

ring of fire chords and lyrics

This song I play in the key of C and it only has three chords which are C, F, and a G.

There are three components you can learn here besides the chords and those are:

  1. Strumming the chords;
  2. Bass playing while strumming the chords;
  3. Picking the horn section while strumming the chords

As you'll see from the free instructional video below and then with the actual demo video, all of these combined give a much fuller sound to the guitar as you play this song as a solo piece.

For rhythm you can play a root down up down up down up repeat rhythm pattern, where root is the note of the chord. As you'll see, depending on where you are in the song, you won't spend much time on the F chord, especially in the verse. And the same can be said when you reach the end of the verse and you just touch the G chord and come back to the C.

When you reach the chorus, you''ll spend a bit more time on the G chord than the others.

As shown, in the verse while on C you can add some bass into the rhythm by playing a root down up bass up down up pattern, until you switch to that F chord. You're bass note on C is that F note, either the top E string or the D string. So play that throughout the verse. In the chorus, while on G, you're open D string becomes the bass note, so play that root down up bass up down up there.

And finally you'll want to picking out that horn section as described in the video below and then wrap the bass and rhythm around it all to give you a full sound. All that's needed to finish off the song is vocals, either from you or someone else.

Ring Of Fire Demo

Johnny Cash was a true legend in country music. With his deep voice and rebellious spirit, he changed the way people thought about country music. His songs told stories of love, loss, and life's struggles, connecting with people all over the world.

Cash wasn't afraid to sing about difficult topics like prison and poverty, and he used his fame to speak up for those who didn't have a voice. His music continues to inspire generations of artists, and his legacy lives on as one of the greatest icons in country music history. Johnny Cash will always be remembered for his powerful songs and the impact he had on the world of music.

Thanks for stopping by my Ring Of Fire guitar lesson page and I hope the info here was helpful.

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