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Songs By Barry McGuire
On The Acoustic


Welcome to my songs by Barry McGuire page where you'll find a few songs from Barry McGuire you can easily learn on the acoustic guitar.

This webpage is dedicated to a few songs by the legendary singer-songwriter, Barry McGuire. With his powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, McGuire left an indelible mark on the folk rock movement of the 1960s. From his iconic protest anthem "Eve of Destruction" to his introspective ballads, McGuire's music captured the spirit of an era characterized by social upheaval and change.

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Songs By Barry McGuire
Chords, Samples, Demos, Tutorials

1. Eve Of Destruction

eve of destruction barry mcguire

Eve Of Destruction was originally released as a single in 1965 and later appeared on Barry McGuire's album titled "Eve of Destruction." The song was written by P.F. Sloan.

The chart performance was a single and achieved significant commercial success. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

The meaning of this song is a protest song that addresses various social and political issues of its time, including the Vietnam War, civil rights, and nuclear weapons. It reflects the anxieties and concerns of the 1960s counterculture.

As the song was released in 1965, during a time when music videos were not as prevalent as they are today, there was no official music video produced for "Eve of Destruction."

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No
  • Rhythm = a simple root up down up root up down up will work here
  • Picking = No
  • Chords = D, G, A7, Bm
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2. Love Is

love is barry mcguire

Love Is is a song that was included on Barry McGuire's album called "This Precious Time," released in 1965. The song was written by Barry McGuire himself along with Randy Sparks.

While "Love Is" was not released as a single, it did not chart on any major charts.

The song is a gentle, romantic ballad that explores the universal theme of love and its profound effect on individuals and the world.

Given that music videos were not widely produced during that era, there is no official music video for "Love Is."

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3. Peace

peace barry mcguire

Peace appeared on Barry McGuire's album titled "Seeds," released in 1973. The song was written by Jimmie Haskell and Alex Hassilev.

 "Peace" was not released as a single and therefore it did not chart on any major charts.

The song is a reflective and contemplative song that expresses a desire for peace in the world amidst the turmoil and conflicts of the time. It conveys a message of hope and unity.

There is no official music video for "Peace."

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4. Shauna's Song

shauna's song barry mcguire

Shauna's Song was featured on Barry McGuire's album titled "Lighten Up," released in 1974. The song was written by Larry Norman.

"Shanua's Song" was not released as a single, so it did not chart on any major charts.

The exact meaning of "Shanua's Song" is not readily available, and it appears to be a more obscure and lesser-known song in Barry McGuire's discography.

 "Shanua's Song" was not a widely promoted single, there is no official music video for it.

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Barry McGuire's contributions to music extend far beyond the 1960s, and his impact remains palpable to this day. Whether he was voicing the concerns of a generation or delving into matters of love and peace, McGuire's songs struck a chord with audiences across time and borders.

We celebrate the enduring relevance of his music and his dedication to capturing the essence of the human experience.

Thank you for visiting this songs of Barry McGuire page and I hope you found some useful and helpful info here.

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