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Songs By Keb Mo
On The Acoustic

songs by keb mo

Welcome to the musical world of Keb' Mo', where soulful melodies and bluesy rhythms converge to create an unforgettable musical journey. If you're here to explore the enchanting songs by Keb Mo, you're in for a treat.

Keb' Mo's heartfelt lyrics, remarkable guitar skills, and the depth of his storytelling have endeared him to audiences worldwide. Whether you're a lifelong fan or just discovering his music, join me as we delve into a few Keb' Mo's songs on the acoustic.

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Keb Mo Bio

keb mo songs

Keb' Mo', born Kevin Roosevelt Moore on October 3, 1951, in Los Angeles, California, is a highly respected contemporary blues artist known for his distinctive blend of Delta blues, folk, and rock influences.On this page of songs by Keb Mo we'll look at a few of his numbers.

With a career spanning decades, Keb' Mo' has garnered acclaim for his soulful, heartfelt music and impressive guitar skills. He first gained recognition in the early 1990s and has since become a pivotal figure in the blues and Americana music scenes.

Keb' Mo' has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including four Grammy Awards, cementing his reputation as a masterful songwriter and performer.

His music often explores themes of love, resilience, and the human experience, striking a deep emotional chord with listeners.

His discography boasts a range of celebrated albums, with "Just Like You" and "Keep It Simple" standing out as major milestones in his career. Notably, his album "Just Like You" earned him a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 1997.

Keb' Mo's contributions to the blues genre and his ability to transcend musical boundaries have left an indelible mark on the world of music.

His dedication to preserving the roots of American blues while infusing his unique style has earned him a well-deserved place among the most influential artists in contemporary blues music.

Songs By Keb Mo
Chords, Demos & Pdfs

1. America The Beautiful

america the beautiful keb mo

America The Beautiful is featured on Keb' Mo's 2001 album "Big Wide Grin." While Keb' Mo' is known for his original blues and folk compositions, this track is his rendition of the classic patriotic American song, "America the Beautiful."

As for chart performance, it's important to note that "America the Beautiful" is a well-known patriotic anthem, but it typically does not chart in the same way that popular songs do.

Over the years, many artists have covered "America the Beautiful," especially in the context of patriotic events and ceremonies. It's a beloved and widely recognized American song that has been performed by various musicians to celebrate the beauty of the country.

Keb' Mo's rendition of "America the Beautiful" adds his own unique touch to this patriotic classic. It showcases his ability to infuse his distinct blues and folk style into a well-loved national anthem, making it a memorable and soulful interpretation of the song.

The lyrics to this one were written by Katherine Lee Bates and a church organists by the name Samuel A Ward wrote the music, but the two never met. The poem was first published in 1895. In 1910 the song came together as one of America's patriotic songs. Keb Mo never released his version as a single.

  • Drop D Tuning: Yes
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down-strokes or you could play root up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: D, A, D7, G, E7, A7/E+, A7

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2. Grandma's Hands

grandmas hands keb mo

Grandma's Hands  is the fifth track on Keb' Mo's 2001 album "Big Wide Grin." This album features Keb' Mo's unique interpretations of classic songs, and "Grandma's Hands" is a soulful rendition of the Bill Withers original.

"Big Wide Grin" received critical acclaim for its fresh take on classic tracks, and "Grandma's Hands" showcases Keb' Mo's ability to infuse his distinctive blues and folk style into well-known compositions.

"Grandma's Hands" is originally a Bill Withers song and is celebrated for its emotional resonance and soulful lyrics. Keb' Mo's rendition on "Big Wide Grin" adds his own touch to this classic, paying homage to both the song and the artist while bringing his unique style to the track. Keb Mo never released this song as a single.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down down - down down-  down up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: Em, A7, B7, Am, Gb

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3. Hand It Over

hand it over keb mo

Hand It Over is a noteworthy track from Keb' Mo's 1996 album, "Just Like You." This album marked a significant point in Keb' Mo's career as it established him as a prominent figure in contemporary blues music. "Hand It Over" itself showcases his distinctive style and songwriting talent.

As for chart performance, "Just Like You" earned Keb' Mo' critical acclaim and commercial success, but this track was never released as a single. The album however won a Grammy Award.

Over the years, Keb' Mo's music, including tracks from "Just Like You," has been celebrated and covered by various artists, particularly those who appreciate his modern approach to the blues

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: down up down up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: E, Db7, Gb, B7, A7, Edim, A, Abm

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4. Life Is Beautiful

life is beautiful keb mo

Life Is Beautiful is a song co-written by Keb Mo and Colin Linden and can be found on his 2006 album Suitcase.

As for chart performance, "Suitcase" garnered critical acclaim and commercial success and peaked at #176. The album was also nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

Keb' Mo's music, including "Life Is Beautiful" from "Suitcase," has been celebrated by fans and fellow musicians alike, reflecting his influence on the contemporary blues and folk genres.

"Life Is Beautiful" captures the essence of Keb' Mo's songwriting talent and his ability to convey meaningful and positive messages through his music. The album's success and the enduring appeal of tracks like "Life Is Beautiful" make it an essential part of Keb' Mo's discography, highlighting his ability to create music that resonates with a diverse audience.

This song was never released as a single.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: 2nd fret
  • Rhythm: root down root up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: C, Am, G, Fm, C7, Ab, A7, G7,
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5. Love Blues

love blues keb mo

Love Blues is the fifteenth track on "Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Keb' Mo'," a compilation album released in 2003. Keb' Mo' contributes to this compilation with his unique take on the blues genre.

As for chart performance, compilation albums like "Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues" typically don't chart in the same way that individual artist albums do, as they feature various artists.

Keb Mo never released this song as a single.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: No
  • Rhythm: root down root up down up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: G, G7, C, C7, D7
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Keb' Mo's heartfelt songs and soulful melodies have a way of bringing people together, and your visit here is a testament to the enduring power of music.  I hope the info and songs presented here were helpful.

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